horror movies i heard are pretty good i have to watch:
- Anabelle: Creation
- the Witch (or VVitch or whatever)
- Happy Death Day

horror movies i heard are bad that i have to watch:
- Unfriended
- the Nun
- Anabelle

any other suggestions, folks?

@vee Upgrade, from last year, is basically a sci-fi horror movie, that one's pretty good.

@derek @dee @coffeentacos @Thomas thanks for the suggestions! i'll write these down. :fingerguns:

if you guys have any suggestions for bad horror movies that are entertaining enough to watch, i'll take those as well!


@vee @derek @dee @Thomas I wouldn’t say it’s bad but Housebound was very entertaining. Beyond the Gates is pretty cheesy but a lot of fun, same with Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

@coffeentacos @vee @dee @Thomas Housebound is like the best possible version of an episode of Scooby-Doo

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