It's weird being an adult and your co-workers are like...your friends but not your FRIENDS??? You know? Like where do adults make actual friends anyway

@btrflyknife Outside of the wage slave system. My coworkers present themselves as friends too, but if you step out of line they will report you to the managers to have you replaced. Some "friends" huh?


@Electronic_Bunny woofta yea that's some toxic junk, I'm sorry friend you deserve better than that 😥

@btrflyknife Its alright, like you said, its good to have real friends outside of that environment.

Work makes it so people see each other more like rivals (at least especially in a place like mine with constant high turnover), so even if your "friendly" you might get betrayed.

Its understandable why as well, if your poor and its your income (your food, bed, family's well being) is at risk, you might betray your coworkers to better secure your position.

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