It's weird being an adult and your co-workers are like...your friends but not your FRIENDS??? You know? Like where do adults make actual friends anyway

@btrflyknife It's hecking hard. All I've gotten from my co-workers is a vague, "We should got out for drinks after work." It's a big bummer.

@RC right!! Same here. Like...what if.....we all became actual friends and supported each other instead of just drinking.....what a novel idea....

@btrflyknife If I've learned anything recently is everyone is lonely together. I had a party with my neighbors a few weeks back and found out everyone has been having trouble making friends, yet we haven't hung out together since. We all have similar interests too.

I think I just have to start sucking it up and be the party organizer, but it's so much work!


@RC right I totally get that!! It's a lot of work and scary sometimes to put yourself out there when everyone else isn't either 😬 😭 at least we can be new cool internet friends but darn those IRL friends are hard to find and keep 😔

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