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i dont know what solace this will offer anyone. but this is what protecting and serving looks like. not hurling rubber bullets or tear gas or chemical weapons. ACAB, but they don't need to be

In light of the recent news that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are being postponed until 2021, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 now has the unique distinction of being based on an alternate version of a real-life event that will not happen in the form depicted in the game.

animal crossing but you make bells by playing mario party style mini games or help villagers with puzzles that they're stuck on

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animal crossing but for people who just cannot relax

this is one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite cartoons as a kid

just pasting up a highlight from the stream. idk. this one came out pretty well

playing a little drums on twitch if people want to hang out while chillin.

i wish i was leveled up in confrontation enough to walk two doors down and ask the neighbors if they can be more conscious about having their dog outside, which barks for hours on hours on end. i can't be the only one bothered by it and the dog does not sound like it's having much fun either.

in times of need i can absolutely offer you some really good vegan recipes

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hey i don't know how much this helps but discord bumped the capacity of their voice channels from 10 to 50 for this whole corona thing. you can also share screens with it, to everyone in your channel. if you teach and are looking for alternatives, this is viable for a solution if your school hasn't found one. I'm happy to help configure new discord servers and roles for you if you need it!

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@ryanlittlefield Also: Buy that lemonade from a local place if you're lucky enough to still have a steady income which is unlikely to be affected by this.

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people have already been saying this but please think about the businesses that you frequent while this thing is going around. if a bunch of small/local businesses shut down during this thing because they can't make ends meet, remember that they might not be there afterwards. help them out when you can - buy gift cards, or better yet, take to social medias and buy a gift card for someone, then tag them and encourage them to do it for someone else. they need help too.

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hey if you're worried about corona and are trying to self quarantine and stay home and all that stuff, just remember - you can go outside and like enjoy the outdoors still. it's not like disease is floating through the air. get out, get some vitamin d and read a book or something. make some lemonade or some iced tea and enjoy the sun. forget about the state of panic and all that, because you can still *exist*. just watch yourself around others and leave if you feel uncomfortable.

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