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Everything won by “Leftists” in this country since the dawn of the 20th century came via direct action and struggle; not electoral politics.

getting nice and well rested over the weekend only to turn into a maladjusted sleep deprived zombie on the day after daylight savings switches

i still don't know if i meditated "the right way" but i feel more grounded and reset, so whatever

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i've spent a long time not meditating because i didn't think i knew how to meditate, but in the end it turns out that all it takes is closing your eyes for 5 minutes and monitoring your breathing

i mean that's what everyone says but i don't think i've ever done it without guidance, until now

the mastodon notification sound is just the menu-sound from stardew right? just wanted to check

if i wash my face and my hands, and touch my face with my hands, and then wash my phone and touch my face to my phone and then to my hands, i think that covers everything right?

can i stop washing other things in lieu of this? how to keep clean!?!?! HOW DO I LIVE

cracker barrel is the onomotopoeia of the sound that a barrel makes in donkey kong country when you throw it and it explodes open

nothing gets your heart racing like when someone tries to rip open the locked bathroom door while you're inside

i like saying a bunch of inconsequential shit and then saying its real because we all know its real, everyone does. its just fun to land at that conclusion from any point.

i ate a sandwich today, global warming is real. the birds are flying around and doing shit, global warming is real. work has been hard lately, global warming is real. doesn't matter what it is, just say its real. because it is

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i rolled down my windows for the first time this year on the way home because it was 58F. its February. global warming is real

anyone want a download code for Macseal's Super Enthusiast album? it's real good. I have it on bandcamp and my vinyl came with an extra. good if you wanna throw it on a player of some kind idk

i did a drum stream tonight and played along with origami angel's "somewhere city" and not only do i love that album but the drumming feels so natural to me, like i would write parts like that, idk

anyway here's a lil clip. most of the rest of the stream got copyright struck already

anyone remember when cvs used to sell those pink bouncy balls or whatever? they were like the size of a baseball? yeah, those were cool

if my night is to continue like this, I'll end up at a world of beer location, not having bought beer but a designer cocktail version of a gin and tonic which cost 1.50 to make but $11 to sell, a side of fried onion for $6, and will read an article that will tell me 10 reasons why i am not being productive, but offer 1.5 solutions to this conundrum, and if I'm feeling frisky, i will read the comments section of a NYT article comparing Biden's 2019 tie selection to radiohead's discography

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now I am eating an assembly-line-made, customized-to-order vegan flatbread wrap from a mezeh location which serves house drinks which brag about being rich in produce filled with antioxidants (not vitamins or minerals) roughly 30 minutes away from our nation's capital. this writes itself

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how soul-warming it is to hear the familiar banality of a tone deaf, needless and subconscious howling from a $1800/mo or more lease location in a mall, selling goods that have long since required a specialty store to disseminate. a pot is boiling over with profit margin reaching and underpaid hourly employees with a ceo hellbent on turning a margin on a simple and unnecessarily unnecessary bevy of customizable paycheck-investment-level consumer goods, while hotline bling is wearing out tweeters

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