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time to update the ol' avi to the seasonally appropriate potato face, depicting way more facial hair than i actually have

additionally i have a spare little Nintendo Wii door that covers the spot where your memory cards go. it's a new piece, not preowned. for a white Wii console.

furthermore it would be really cool if other people listed stuff like this - things that are still perfectly fine but no longer needed with the hashtag

bit of a weird post but I've got this shower curtain that is perfectly fine, that I'm not using, in addition to a black linen (not a blackout) curtain - only one panel.

does anyone need a new shower curtain and/or to block some light from your writing or art desk?

I'll pay shipping in the continental US, to a good home

if you want to sweeten the deal back to me, the thing that i would love to have right now, which i absolutely cannot find, are a couple of spare xbox 360 battery pack holders. not the rechargeable ones, just the ones that hold AAs.

other than that nothing (everything) has been going on

it's been even more time since the last time i posted but i ordered some thrift-level clothes online in sort of a blind bag thing by size and i'm hoping they're pretty cool

love too shovel my driveway like 5 times over the course of a day and make a 5 foot tall pile of snow out front

i've been MIA because i've been busy with work and life but last week i did some scripts all by myself, in the heat of the moment and i did aight

so there's a positive thing

back in another month lmao

i just downloaded wordfeud if anyone wants to play - @balrogboogie recommended it. i'm damnablebear on there if people want to add me.

alc, +, homebrew 

i don't wanna toot my own horn, but the beer i've been making is just getting better and better with each batch. the latest stout i made tastes like i could've gone and picked up a keg from a specialty store and been none the wiser

when i called the foodplace to check to see if my order had gone out yet (it had been like 1h15m) i wasn't even upset that it wasn't here yet, but i was angry that the guy who answered called me "bro", dismissively

i didn't wanna go back to my other avatar so i made one that looks kinda worse lmao but it's fine

work, alc-tangent photo? 

my boss, some coworkers and i decided it was a good day to play hookey (and pool)

a bombastic version of arabian nights also just played, just in time to pull up the anxiety in the whole place lmao what is this

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the local greek spot i frequent is playing like broadway show tunes and i am very confused

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