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well i'll be in suffolk county new york (long island) in a couple of weeks for work so if any of you are from there, let's meet up and -

haha i'm just kidding no one is from there, nothing is there. it's a ghost town, nothing happens there and nothing is there

i had a three day weekend where i was very lazy but also convinced myself to get things done around the house. i got a lot done and don't feel at all recharged. i think i am just bad at letting myself relax, or just don't know how

there are a lot of current trends about reading yourself as a person like astrology or myers briggs tests, and it can be dangerous to live your life by those, but they are fun and can be a little insightful with the way you read yourself, if you remember not to take them seriously

anyway that was a disclaimer to me noting that i included a myers briggs reading to my bio in case anyone wants to see if they match :lazerpizza:

truly the apex of being an instance admin is having to approve hashtags such as

the best part of working in a building is that the ceiling constantly leaks despite the leasing company's every attempt to fix it. it's like watching whack a mole in which you have no direct investment but just snort every time a new one pops up

making a very charitable donation to @Pixley 's ilk today while buying my books

gonna do one of my favorite things which is just sinking into bed and pulling the comforter up over me and staring at my wife until i get tired of not being noticed, then fall asleep before she's even done washing her face

if going to bed is a crime then I'm running from the cops

and if its not a crime, I'm still doing that

if i had a dollar for every time i saw a company's marketing rep misspell "sneak peek" as "sneak peak" on a post of theirs, I'd have enough money to buy one of those companies, probably

the ps4 remote play mobile app really feels like the thing that i thought i wanted, until it happened

i mean, i just can't imagine really playing *anything* through it

i saw someone boost that there is an invidious-like client for twitter now too, which is neat. but re: invidious, all of the videos i'd go to just would load a page which said there was an error. i thought youtube had done something to allow that site to not work properly. are people able to still use it?

large thanks to @Dee for the cool lil paintin'

i believe these are up for $5 on her page - see her profile!

i'm in a discord server for clients who use this software that we install by contract, and it's an unofficial discord, so all the attendees who are at the annual conference under that company are just ROASTING everything going on and i am living for this

hey, mtg arena is pretty good. finally it's MTG's answer to hearthstone, even though it's not on mobile yet. wasn't sure what i expected, but it wasn't this.

alc, work, +? 

this is extra special to me because i worked with the comic's original artist to get this design done. it's a local-ish DIY comic but it's still really cool to me

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