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TIL you can store an entire horse in a database. preferably called a neightabase

apropos of nothing, i think it's incredibly endearing when people who have english as a second language have found to use the word "stuff" as a crutch while talking - using it maybe even more than "english as a primary language" people

name your worst professional personality trait. i'm "goes for a quick impromptu chat which normally wouldn't require taking notes and forgets everything that was talked about over that 3 minute block"

i appreciate finding decades-old video game (RPG) walkthroughs where the writer so passionately wrote about how terrible specific team members or monsters are, and not to waste your time dealing with them

it's one of the times that someone can be right about something and that will never change

living for this 'hot coffee on a cold morning' vibe

anyway i have no opinions on credit karma other than that they are fine

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thank you credit karma for letting me know that my credit score looks a little better each time i make some credit card payments

but really, i don't want any of the cards you're recommending. in fact, you recommending so many cards to me so frequently seems like you're doing the opposite of the entire goal of your organization

something to know about me is that if i'm wearing socks in my house and i don't want to be, something i'll do is take them off and throw them on the stairs because i don't feel like walking up and putting them into the laundry basket at that moment.

i don't know what that says about me but it might be one of the things that i'd use as an ice breaker for people who don't know me. probably says a lot about a judge of character

lp folks, I'll block those bots once I'm back at a computer

so i'm having like ".....!!!!!!!" feelings about it but also shhh

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i'm trying to do something irl that i feel is probably one of the most 'mastodon' things ever, to do, but i don't want to talk about it because i feel like that puts an omen on stuff. but it's probably a few years' worth of work and.... as much as I don't know what it'll mean if it DOES happen, as far as my current job and career..... it's something i really want to be a part of.

well i just finished tracking a song from start to finish in like an hour, so that's cool. one more to do on the EP, then down to critical listening and making any changes. then editing, then done!

you will see what i mean when there are no numbers to speak of with regards to the previous post

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you know what, let's do a trial run of a grown up post

right now i am waiting on hold for vanguard to pick up so i can ask them about an account transfer

boosts ok

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in retrospect, i would respectfully like to redact the word "adult" and replace it with the word "grown-up"

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i haven't been posting a lot because i've been doing a lot of adult (TM) things and no one would care about any of that any more than i do, to be honest with you

the only thing I can commend her on is the absolute commitment to clear cut needless destruction, and even then

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