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oh hey an update on yesterday

the dudes i met were pretty cool and i'm feeling good about music stuff with them. i think they felt the same, which is great because halfway through i dropped a drumstick once and they laughed

hopefully it wasn't a "we're done with you, ugly" laugh

no but for real i think it went well

it's 55f out right now and I am living for this

hopefully the drive there with windows down will just help me chill out

aagghhhhh i didn't get a ton of sleep last night for whatever reason and today i feel "off", like, easily triggered by whatever and it's super annoying

great day to go and meet some people i might end up playing music with : :blobfrowningbig:

lazer pizza admin note, domain renewal 

this is the best simpsons remix artist i've ever heard, and probably the only.

food, photo 

because i don't know if i'm just in the wrong circles but i've seen like no one talking about them and it seems like they should be talked about a little bit, especially if cloud nothings gets talked about

is The Obsessives a band that a lot of people know about? like, Surfer Rosa is a really good song, but am I at the same level as a lot of other people are with them, or has this band been a thing for a while and I'm new here?

admin note, blockin 

rocket league more like socket league

haha am i right, electricians?!

instead of doing whatever else was on tv tonight i played drums

I'll worry about who to root hopelessly for, and end up being disappointed by, later on

minor work gripe, can't wait for this project to finish tbh 

this is fine and is an efficient use of time, throw this fucking project in the garbage

dang i love having a meeting start at 10 and then waiting for 20 minutes for everyone else to join because people have to go get them, even though all of them know it's happening

'onomatopoeia' definitely isn't a good candidate for a word that represents stuff that it's supposed to sound like

just wanted to throw that out there

i've been in the house i live in for a little over 3 years now, but i still have a bunch of hygiene products that i've had since the apartments i lived in before that. i'm still trying to use them up because it sounds weird to say, but i have, like, a 'backlog' of hygiene products.

so anyway, i finished off some hair gel last week, which i didn't love, but would hate to throw out. now i'm onto another one, and it smells really good, but i'd never buy it again

this is your cool post of the day

petition to meld malaise and mondays into a word called mondaise

or else mondaze

because i am having it

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