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someone at my company ordered snacks for the kitchen from bezoscorp. a 5 pound bag of various chocolates arrived in a styrofoam cooler with an ice pack. i get it, it's summer.

but like


needless to say I put the ice pack in the freezer (and am going to take it if no one else does) and I'm taking the styrofoam cooler home. I'll use it.

what a thing it is, on the topic of wasteful usage and unnecessary capitalist practices

I would like to state for the record that I am a 31-year-old man and if that's weird, no hard feelings

alc, homebrew 

food, gross 

*loads search engine*


how to have work to do but not to feel the need to finish it immediately when the amount of work is fairly small across the board, and to relax for one fucking second instead of pulling your hair out at every task

lb: woops slipped and accidentally hit the boost button and it seems like i can't undo it oh well, i will take no further questions

i'm sure this has been said before, but the idea that instances, in order to be blocked, need to either a) cause harm or b) be posted about by someone, isn't really conducive to an efficient peer-curated moderation process

or that i could allow other specific admins to commit changes (in the form of blocks) to my instance.

sort of wish there was a way that i could... uh, "subscribe" to other admins' instance blocks so that I didn't have to hunt through my TL if I remembered seeing posts about instances I needed to block. I'm sure that I've missed a bunch of blocks because of this. I don't even know how this would work - maybe an export from the instance like with accounts? Does that already exist?

editing and posting simpsons captions is fun. maybe i'll just turn my account from having sometimes-worthwhile things to say, into never-having-anything-good-to-say content, and just saying everything through simpsons images

oh spotify hecked up the "artists" display of the desktop app too



the coolest part about wire is that, i apparently have one contact who i don't recognize, whose profile picture is of this baby

so i've got that going for me

i barely know what wire is but it's on my phone and my username is damnablebear if anyone wants to bother me on there until i figure out how to turn notifications off

i think the washed up emo podcast is one of the first podcasts i've actually felt sort of a connection to - the few episodes i've listened to have been pretty interesting

and i'm not sure what that says about me but i also don't really care, i guess

stickers have been sent, friendos. expect them maybe by the weekend? or early next week, i don't make the rules

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