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what was the uhhhh slack competitor i saw posted on here a week or two ago? it has like, threaded conversations within channels and stuff

Wait, content warnings don't hide polls?


that's really bad

When I look for travel tips for LGBTQIA+ travelers, the only info I get is: here's all the clubs that gay men like.

No, that's not what I want! I want to know what cafes queer women hang at, what spa would be trans friendly, what gallaries can I find work by queer people, what business may have queer owners or employees.

Anyway, where should a pan trans gal hit up in Madrid? Where would I most likely be able to make a friend?

no, i did not just buy two dark souls things off of ebay so quit asking!

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start a conversation, not a two-line opinion piece

also i am guilty of this too but i really try in most cases to actually explain why [thing] is doing something well or not well

it might surprise some people but you don't need to view every piece of media as a product of derivation

drug mention but actually just social commentary 

slightly alc/homebrew related, but today's agenda 

Big news!

My game Flipology will be available for preorder in US and NZ soon and we'll be offering discount codes!

You need to signup for the Cheeky Parrot Games newsletter to get it though!

Register at on the bottom of the page! And hurry the newsletter will be out tomorrow!!

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Hey! How long does it typically take you to do each of the following in your creative process:

1. Research for a project? (Gathering facts, reference images, inspiration?)

2. Sketch (or make first draft) ?

3. Inks (or edit and refine work) ?

4. Color (finish, rewrite, or finalize piece with finishing touches)?

i just did a side quest that involved my character going to a library and reading books

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