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gross train smells 

this train to seattle smells like someone farted beer and then microwaved eggs, put both in cardboard and reheated the whole thing two weeks later

actual question: i don't care about the mountain goats that much but are they cancelled

for yesterday being such a cluster, i definitely am cranking out a lot of tickets involving scripting today. which is surprising even for me, tbh

everyone seemingly had a bad day today, myself included, but it's ok because tomorrow is a day where we're gonna kill it

As a reminder, if people want a Friend Camp Experience on their own server, I do maintain a Friend Camp fork of Mastodon. Some things we have (on the web client) are:

- local only posts
- rich text on incoming posts that have it
- lots of minor tweaks, like less vertical space taken up by "sensitive image" blocks

We're up to date with 2.8.0. I'm also happy to jump on a video chat and help anyone resolve merge conflicts

legit angry that at some point i unfollowed @checkervest

what the hell

work, kinda complainy but not really idk 

it drives me nuts when people share their screens on meetings and they have all their notifications for all their e-mails and programs turned on, so that there's constantly new e-mails popping on screen, etc. i can't be the only one who goes in and turns off the on-screen notifications..

have "sticky fingers" always kind of been an issue in the assassin's creed games? I played AC1 way back in the day and enjoyed it, and i'm finally playing black flag now, but jeez.

trailing a target and trying to keep a proximity can be hard when you're just grabbing everything you run by

this has been very short hyperfocused game reviews, with me, your host, me

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with that being said, the characters and people in the world are very lackluster / one dimensional

but the world is nice

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for real though, dragon quest 11 has an absurd amount of alliteration passages in prose, written with willful and cunning consistency

the localization team must have had one heck of a time

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I won't be deprived of fries.

#MastoArt #sharks #vaporwave #trackandfield #athletes

tech, - 

cool how we can invent robots to prepare and serve salad and coffee but can't invent robots to do anything useful like collecting garbage or making places nicer to live for everyone.

we're at the point where the tech paywall is serving more and more useless needs

cool cool cool

well i took a nap and then went to bed and that's about ten hours of sleep, aka a treasure trove of sleep for me

only one more week until @brianne_renee and i are in portland/seattle!

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