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#ArtTips Pay attention to size and width of things!

1. Identify all major planes. (Particularly 'negative spaces' which are areas you omit, that you don't draw.)

2. Mark placement for main features.

3. Draw from the 'center' outwards. (For portraits, start with the nose first, and NOT the eyes. For full body, start with the torso first.)

These tips generally work for drawing all kinds of things so I included a panda 😅.

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i know i don't need money to do those things, but sometimes just the gesture of giving a really solid gift is a good feeling

i'm definitely fortunate enough to have lots of nice things, but damn, i wish i had enough extra money that i could regularly help out people who needed it. or just to do nice things for people even when they don't need it.

today was the first time i wore shorts outside in 2019, not counting when i was working outside. i wore shorts outside ~for leisure~

new music out that is worth listening to, in my own opinion:

periphery iv: hail stan
kenji kihara: 日日是好日
modest mouse: poison the well
chon: peace
downhaul: before you fall asleep
the physics house band: death sequence I

reposting: if you're a poc or LGBTQIA+ video game dev with a small budget and you want some written resources to help, i have a paperback copy of Designing Virtual Worlds that I bought, which I'd like to give away. priority goes to the folks mentioned above. feel free to DM me and we'll sort it out.


well i spent the last hour doing this, so if anyone needs a super rough outline of the drum part of When We Escape, by Minus the Bear, here ya go I guess. The fills aren't exact or precise but I did the best I could with a rush job in FL Studio

I found a band who wants me to play drums for them but i don't like their music oh no

unironically, i never tune in to that tv network called the cw because i don't need anything other than the warning

love spending three weeks working on a problem and having to ask for help about it, only to realize i overlooked something miniscule which caused it. at least i was the one who realized it and not anyone else but YEESH

hire me to play with your new software or app so i can tell you what’s bad about it and what’s good

thank u

Taking Meds (band) is putting out a new album in July, which seems weirdly far out. But a couple songs released in advance. This one seems incredibly disheveled, but I like the raw attitude it throws out in some parts.

tonight i was doing some stretching exercises because i figured "well it couldn't hurt"

and while i was doing one of them which did actually hurt a little, all i could think of was 'weird flex but ok'

this has been a stream of consciousness toot by your pal,


well i just mapped out the sun levels and areas in my backyard, and created a list of things i want to plant this year

i'm going to have SO MUCH FOOD (hopefully, assuming i did it right)

my april fool's joke is that i won't be playing any april fool's jokes. no one will suspect it

every time I get away to a location away from home and stay in a place with very little stuff in it, i think about how it'd be neat to live really minimalist. but then I'd have to have like a secret door with all my stuff in it still, so there goes that

Heading to that NYC this weekend. If you see an Amtrak train passing in the next few hours, just wave at it. It's probably me. But only if it's between Albany and NYC. Not all the Amtraks.

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