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Just went and bought a bunch of comics merry Christmas to me

"It's not historically accurate!" i shout, crying, upset at what EA and DICE have done, as i watch the 1990's tv show dinosaurs for the fourteenth time

reading all the 0/10 battlefield v reviews is giving me life rn

if you've said 'covfefe' in the last year and a half as a joke get the fuck out of my sight

Red Dragon Inn is a bad game and I'm not afraid to say it.

the song american idiot by green day but cutting the word idiot so he just says don't wanna be an american

does anyone buy snk games *other than metal slug

stream link, dragon quest 11 

work, complaining 

raw cabbage : me, the morning after eating a bunch of food i regret and looking in the mirror, depressed and unmotivated

cooked cabbage: an actor playing the movie version of me, with absolutely no weasels, all spoons, sunny day and also extremely rich AND charitable at the same time

dang i still remember when i joined mastodon a little over a year ago and the first thing i did was incite a small riot over cake vs pie and people loaded up on it

now we're just gonna start food wars again? yeesh

@realtoddhoward cabbage, red onion, carrots, celery, white vinegar, veggie oil, salt, mustard, sprinkle of black pepper. thats right, no mayo, that shit is for chumps

y'all I just want my friends to be happy

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i always knew skype was trash but i am shocked every day how bad of software it actually is. aol instant messenger had more function and finesse

sigh, is nexusmods the only way to mod fallout nv?

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Lazer Pizza!!

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