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man i was just streaming culdcept for a couple hours but uh

that game is fun

not to stoke the flames of discourse but it's so cold and awkward, what is this

so i think my new method of working on music is gonna be just recording myself doing vocal lines as they come to me, which is going to help me nail down the rhythm, as long as a melody pops in with that rhythm. things that it normally would take me a while to think up just came to me and i have two phrase ideas

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@​Mainebot hey hello okay goodbye i am ryan

LB: the bot has achieved some kind of beginnings of sentience

hey i hope everyone had a soft rubbery/shock impact? case for a second, who shrieked. it was anti-"seld-m-break" propaganda as in don't use that pokeball plus, my buddy satchell has you covered with a gingerbread house

the only purpose of a conference call is to weed out the people who don't know how to stop talking and cutting other people off and then not do anything about it

not to stoke the flames of discourse but it's reyn time

leave it to me to be the guy who thinks up a new project i could focus on and would probably be rewarding, every week, and then not do any of 'em

My kingdom for a day where I don't fall asleep at my desk at 3pm.

this has been "tales from a not-game-designer-or-even-anyone-who-works-in-the-industry-or-makes-games-for-fun: medium spice takes edition"

procedurally or randomly generated stuff is fine i guess, but it has no intention built into it, so there's no intentional design and those curated experiences aren't really unique. because if you just keep playing, you'll hit it again and then you've seen everything pretty quick

another side note on this is: the more the geography of an "open world" game matches the real world, the less i'm going to want to play it. going back to dk64, the entire "world" was literally two large islands surrounded by endless water, and it was so unrealistic. mario 64 is another decently good example where it defines its boundaries and the geography does not really represent the real world. knowing how much disc space is taken up by empty copied+pasted geography is a bummer actually

actually i kind of feel like mario odyssey did both, which is mindblowing. it wants you to go everywhere but a lot of the moons are straight-up centered around exploration, and not just in-plain-view exploration. it forces you to take chances on looking in places where you think "there's probably nothing here" and then rewarding you for trusting your gut. how crazy is that

this sort-of-accidental discussion mostly revolves around games who emphasize their environments. other games are just focused on gameplay and that's cool too. those games still pull me in if they cater to what i like, but gating off some areas to people is good, actually, if done right

in the case of grow home, it wasn't the fact that the world was particularly great, but it was easy to see, based on a few minutes of play, roughly how long it was going to take me to get there. if the game would've taken me 10 hours? 20 hours? 40? more? i wouldn't have bothered sticking with it.

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