@Are0h Right, and that's a good idea. I'm playing around with the idea of (working out MWF, by the way) having every other Friday be a rest day. Even though I don't do anything else on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or at least not anything planned. I feel like it gives you a little bit of flex, doing that - and it validates the idea that steady/incremental/small progress is still progress on that front.

Thanks for sharing!

@Are0h do you build in rest days, or are days when you don't work out (if any) already rest days? i'm trying to keep consistent again, for probably the millionth time. i have to tell myself that if i take a day off where i was scheduled to work out, that i need to ABSOLUTELY pick it up the following time. curious to know what your approach is

@RAPIDPUNCHES i think basically as long as they're at least pink (instead of grey), they're cooked! are you deep frying them or pan frying? a little bit of blackening on them is still good, if pan frying.

@paeneultima tbh most of her videos are very well done for all the reasons you mentioned back then!

@paeneultima are you still a big Glow fan btw? i remember you liking her stuff.

@dee technically that would make my entire name RYANX3 and i'll take it thank you

@dee wow i can't believe i ever thought anything so stupid tbqh

@dee wait, but your middle and last name are the same as your first name, right?

@RAPIDPUNCHES depending on how you want it prepared, i might be able to help. i haven't done it much, but i remember enough about it that i can probably help if you have a question!

there's a lot to be said about going from like $15 jeans to like $30 (while on sale) jeans

i got new, slightly better jeans a few days ago and like

what have *I* been wearing all my life

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k, a walk outside helped. i bought some coffee and of course it dripped all over me the whole time but... this is going to be fine 😬

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