love too shovel my driveway like 5 times over the course of a day and make a 5 foot tall pile of snow out front

i've been MIA because i've been busy with work and life but last week i did some scripts all by myself, in the heat of the moment and i did aight

so there's a positive thing

back in another month lmao

@gingerrroot Mullvad is very good and cheap. No logs taken or kept at all, and very affordable and secure.

i just downloaded wordfeud if anyone wants to play - @balrogboogie recommended it. i'm damnablebear on there if people want to add me.

alc, +, homebrew 

Ridiculous food 

Ridiculous food 

Ridiculous food 

@suzukipeach *gestures wildly at the meat-spice marketing pitch that is the 'baking' aisle, while frowning and maintaining eye contact*

@Are0h honestly this one is great so i wouldn't even be mad if you didn't change it

@somarasu uh what the fuck, that's messed up. i'm sorry that this minute bullshit is happening

when i called the foodplace to check to see if my order had gone out yet (it had been like 1h15m) i wasn't even upset that it wasn't here yet, but i was angry that the guy who answered called me "bro", dismissively

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Lazer Pizza!!

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