oh uhhh, hmm maybe scour some local sales at like garage sales or yard sales for a walkman or tape.... thingy. i bought my tape deck (home stereo one) from a guy who had moved, and his neighbor was selling his stuff for him

as someone who is called a hipster by people who have never met a hipster, i can tell you that this, in some part, is true

na cassette tapes are a separate commodity, usually cheaper than vinyl if you don't wanna spend as much, and still get some of that retro charm

bad signage at pride, uspol 

Self Promotion, Card Games, Discount inside 

When you’re just trying to bring recyclables out but walk past your security camera and @ryanlittlefield talks through it unexpectedly



thank you! our mortgage lender sent me an email that said happy returns as well, so i thought it was like an investment thing. unless it is and you're saying i should invest. are you? what should i invest in?

it's my 31st birthday today and, of course, my evening is amazing because I'm trying out this new carpet cleaner i got

lemme tell ya

don't get older. unless you like cleaning gadgets. this thing is sick

even though it's beautiful outside today, I've spent enough time out there and am now relaxing in my basement inside.

there's something so rebellious about playing video games indoors on days like today, and it rules

@Pixley oh i thought this was an out of the blue, whatever you do, don't do X kind of thing

well that's way different

that's like if you told me "okay now that you've had your surgery, no voting republican"

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