@shoofle *stamps feet and claps hands* computer desk! computer desk!

a manageable way to get organized without eating up too much time, i think.

alright don't tell anyone but here's a preview (demo) of the metal group i joined. i turned my drums up because this is massively unmixed, and it was the only way to hear them through the whole thing. drums have not been edited much other than a couple compressors and EQs, and you can tell lmao

please enjoy


@shoofle so few people would get it, and yet, it's still so worth it

regardless of how i feel about bernie sanders, i unironically would choose to buy a belt sander from a company called Bernie who made sanders and sanding-related equipment solely because i could say i bought a Bernie sander

i've stopped looking at the fedi timeline as much simply because i can't see three posts without seeing the word 'piss'

and thanks to @mastohost for keeping us running with that good-good for as long!

tfw you realize your instance is almost a year old

happy fediversary (soon) everyone

@RC I specifically meant the first, as I haven't played the 2nd. But, the idea that the save data can come over from 1 to 2 is awesome. Theoretically, 2 should be good, but I also haven't started it yet.

Mastodon etiquette question 

@RC Can I also add Suikoden to the list here because that game was very good.

I'm not a fan of shilling myself but I'm in a situation now where I have to do so.

The person I was living with just got arrested, I don't start my job until Friday, and I need to start saving some money and looking for apartments in NWA else I'm stuck in a tiny room at a family member's house with most of my stuff sitting in boxes.

If you can spare any cash I'd highly appreciate it, will go towards keeping nulled.red up, helping me find a place, etc.

Thank you all <3


food, dietary stuff 

food, dietary stuff 

food, dietary stuff 

food, dietary stuff 

food, dietary stuff 

@eli_oat hi eli, also oh god, is this how it happens

oddly enough for me it's just lunch. dinner, i can wait until whenever. breakfast, fine. lunch though? when the hunger starts at like 10am (regardless of when i've eaten breakfast) then it's like i haven't eaten for years

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