Diary Of A Plague Janitor 

In light of the recent news that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are being postponed until 2021, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 now has the unique distinction of being based on an alternate version of a real-life event that will not happen in the form depicted in the game. t.co/j2ww6XnQWw

animal crossing but you make bells by playing mario party style mini games or help villagers with puzzles that they're stuck on

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animal crossing but for people who just cannot relax

making this into a shitpost, covid-adj 

this is one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite cartoons as a kid


@RAPIDPUNCHES sorry but we're going to have to restrict your mouse using privileges

@checkervest every post:

Suspicious individual seen last night...!!

Does anyone else hear that dog barking?????

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For sale: piece of shit couch that someone pooped on 20 years ago, never cleaned

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Police post

Anyone fix plumbing? Any recommendations???????? Hello??

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Nextdoor sponsored post

Please vote for my son to get on the next America Idol!!!

@RC haha i wish i switched between devices more, but its just my work laptop sat in front of my regular desktop, but i just have some chill music playing from that, with a crossword book and a ds nearby. not as cool as you

just pasting up a highlight from the stream. idk. this one came out pretty well


playing a little drums on twitch if people want to hang out while chillin.

covid19, uspol, hyperbole 

@RC for what it's worth, the mysterium app is pretty good as well!

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