@Dee yeah, however i feel like patreon uses the youtube player. I could be wrong

truly the apex of being an instance admin is having to approve hashtags such as

@Dee yeah, me. i actually don't really wanna deal with kids ringing the doorbell and having the dog freak out for a few hours

@Pixley i wish there was a gender-agnostic "my dude!" because I'd be using it right now

@Pixley are you a cold cider person, a mulled cider person, or an impartial cider person?

A redditor's impression of Joe Biden's speach patterns 

the best part of working in a building is that the ceiling constantly leaks despite the leasing company's every attempt to fix it. it's like watching whack a mole in which you have no direct investment but just snort every time a new one pops up

@Pixley today you are just "The Archive" which tbh sounds like a weird librarian fetish bar

@checkervest tired but like, it's the end of the week almost, so we got that goin' for us

how are you?

@Pixley i know, i know, it was extremely generous. you don't have to flatter me and let me know how much scanning it is

but really, betterworldbooks is legit for allowing charity to go to places like the internet archive imo

@gingerrroot the other thing i should mention is that if you get quoted and it turns out they find a way to make it cheaper, like, if their auto-cropping system doesn't work optimally, they'll drop the price to make it cheaper based on whatever they can do. which is usually only a couple bucks but the gesture is really nice

@gingerrroot i used stickermule for my lil lazer pizza stickers. they were a bit pricy but are very worth it. they usually run promos which help.

gonna do one of my favorite things which is just sinking into bed and pulling the comforter up over me and staring at my wife until i get tired of not being noticed, then fall asleep before she's even done washing her face

@eli_oat i tried to find a preorder button but everything i clicked wasn't it!

@Dee you're doing great, people don't know how to compliment others i guess. as long as you feel good about what you chose to wear, be happy with yourself about it yo!

if going to bed is a crime then I'm running from the cops

and if its not a crime, I'm still doing that

cw food 

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