I'm not really one to sneeze much, except for today

hey things have been rough lately but i hope yall have been keeping safe and fighting for the things we need to fight for. take care of yourselves and keep it up.

hey I'm about to go live on twitch on like 5-10 minutes playing drums and i will be donating anything i get to a BLM-focised charity of my choosing. probably something like Bail Funds or SURJ, but i haven't decided yet.


@BalooUriza Sorry - I didn't have this information at the time and was asked by a friend to post. This was the information they gave me.

@somarasu i fucked up the F key on my worklaptop and now i can't even press F to pay respects. sad day. but between us we have F U so that makes me happy in a weird way

protests, +, birdsite link 

@simula yeah, i know. I'm trying to be hopeful but i know

protests, +, birdsite link 

this is our local law enforcement *appearing* to do the right thing. who knows what would happen if the protests stopped and we were a few weeks into it. but at this point i think that this footage is worth seeing, and representative of how our system should feel.

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protests, +, birdsite link 

i dont know what solace this will offer anyone. but this is what protecting and serving looks like. not hurling rubber bullets or tear gas or chemical weapons. ACAB, but they don't need to be


@bunnyjane libro.fm is also great and money goes to your local book stores!

@RC dang the art here is better than it's been in a while!

Diary Of A Plague Janitor 

@bunnyjane *gruff voice*: not on my watch

In light of the recent news that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are being postponed until 2021, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 now has the unique distinction of being based on an alternate version of a real-life event that will not happen in the form depicted in the game. t.co/j2ww6XnQWw

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