@balrogboogie I'm choosing to pick the hurt from not laughing over actually just laughing at this

Do i like people even though they still use slurs? No

But do i give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe they didn't mean it that way? Also no

cryptic crosswords is the github of crosswords

send toot

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hmm running in sub-30F temps in a t shirt and shorts maybe isn't one of the better ideas i've had

...oh well

i don't think i should've ordered a nappuccino

@Altruest yeah for sure, i also don't really understand why it exists lol

@Altruest it's supposed to signify high tension - i think it comes from something around white skin and blood cells not circulating around your knuckles if you're gripping something really hard? idk it's pretty specific and kind of stupid

@testingwithfire oh man, i hope you can stay calm with all this stuff and also that you remember your banjo! i hate carrying tons of stuff with me at one time, haha. have a good day!

@RAPIDPUNCHES i'm super late to the game but fabio is an amazing name for a tree

you ever pet your animals regardless of what else would work

god why is logging into the target's redcard services so garbage now

thinking about just closing my card tbh

today i get to come straight home after work and i have no obligations other than maybe a chore or somethin, i'm so excited haha

also i'm on spotify @damnablebear if people want to follow me / be followed

@sexybenfranklin eehhh enough that it's considerably noticeable, definitely in "oof that sucks to look at" territory

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Lazer Pizza!!

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