love too shovel my driveway like 5 times over the course of a day and make a 5 foot tall pile of snow out front

work, alc-tangent photo? 

making a very charitable donation to @Pixley 's ilk today while buying my books

large thanks to @Dee for the cool lil paintin'

i believe these are up for $5 on her page - see her profile!

my tattoo art is done and i am excited

now just to save up and book the appointment

my first band recorded some of our first music on one of these things, this exact color, this exact model

TIL you can store an entire horse in a database. preferably called a neightabase

the only thing I can commend her on is the absolute commitment to clear cut needless destruction, and even then

look how accomplished she feels with herself, what an asshole

i didn't ever post anything about my zune but its because I'm proud of it for working so hard since it was made

I'm working on using it again for music i love, and only using spotify for the stuff i don't yet own/am checking out.

and even then, spotify feels a lil "extra" in practice

ansible question/help, linux junk 

food, brunch, + 

good morning. today I'm spending some of my morning soaking in the cool morning air with the cats and dog

night 2 of drum tracking. hoping to finish the first song tonight.

semi-gross, space travel 

alc-related "joke", emo band logos 

slight eye contact of an illustrated photo 

food, photo 

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Lazer Pizza!!

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