so much has happened. this is a fictional fantasy baseball league, no real money. seasons are a week long, games are 1 hour long.

the first season ended on sunday, players' votes were to open the forbidden book, which saw the Moab Sunbeams devoured into the mouth of hell, and they are now renamed the Hellmouth Sunbeams. The umpires' eyes have turned white and rogue umps have incinerated 5 players mid-game in the last 24 hours

@brennen ME TOO and i don't even like sports, but i am loving this

@brennen i agree, though it's taking a bit of a different turn now!


I have immediately declared them my most beloved team and am now reading through the site, placing bets, etc., entering a sports chrysalis from which I will emerge with wet wings and a baseball cap, a "fan."

@InspectorCaracal While not the same, this has reminded me of the FBA and my latent desire to create/customize a set of sports simulation rules to make something similar.

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