alright i'm setting up a carrd resource that I plan to distribute to major breweries so that they have an easy efficient way (and no excuse not) to be able to donate proceeds where they're needed most.

what i could use from everyone here is: (reply or DM)

-name of local community/nonprofit org close to you, that you are familiar w/
-their website/resource page
-brief blurb (one or two lines) about their mission

i'd appreciate the help!


please boost & share!


I am also keeping this only to the U.S. for now - just trying this idea out and seeing how it works. However, if you want to take and run with this for other regions, please let me know and I can share some ideas!

@ryanlittlefield the state selector seems to not be in any order and also when I pick new york (on my phone) it just bumps me back to the landing page?

@shoofle Yeah it is very much still a work in progress. I spent about an hour on registering the site and all that this morning. The mobile view of the states is messed up as well. Lot of work to do. But I figure, taking submissions for orgs right now can't hurt, so that I can have some examples to work with as I go forward. (and I've already got a few of my own :) )

@shoofle And yeah, the states don't each have their own page yet, so they will bump you back to the beginning until they do. Just haven't gotten there yet.

@shoofle If you want, you can check again - I fixed the view on mobile and it should be looking a bit better now, and now I do have landing pages for each region.

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