tonight i walked by a sunglass hut playing hotline bling, in the year 2020, of which i thought, nothing could better reflect the desperation and premeditated muzak desire of late capitalism to form a relationship with a consumer desiring instant gratification and relatability when purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses where each brand is manufactured in the same facility as its competitor than this; not even the overhead acceptance of the shopping mall playing 'the middle' by jimmy eat world


how soul-warming it is to hear the familiar banality of a tone deaf, needless and subconscious howling from a $1800/mo or more lease location in a mall, selling goods that have long since required a specialty store to disseminate. a pot is boiling over with profit margin reaching and underpaid hourly employees with a ceo hellbent on turning a margin on a simple and unnecessarily unnecessary bevy of customizable paycheck-investment-level consumer goods, while hotline bling is wearing out tweeters

now I am eating an assembly-line-made, customized-to-order vegan flatbread wrap from a mezeh location which serves house drinks which brag about being rich in produce filled with antioxidants (not vitamins or minerals) roughly 30 minutes away from our nation's capital. this writes itself

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if my night is to continue like this, I'll end up at a world of beer location, not having bought beer but a designer cocktail version of a gin and tonic which cost 1.50 to make but $11 to sell, a side of fried onion for $6, and will read an article that will tell me 10 reasons why i am not being productive, but offer 1.5 solutions to this conundrum, and if I'm feeling frisky, i will read the comments section of a NYT article comparing Biden's 2019 tie selection to radiohead's discography

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