realizing that now that I'm in my early thirties, I've come to hate the term 'adulting' because it's literally just the normal things i do and there's no pretending anymore


like, now if someone around my age is like 'uuughhhh ' I'm like, uh, but, what do you normally do

that said, i will go to a podium at extreme length about how folding and putting away laundry is the absolute worst chore

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probably made worse by doing that part so infrequently, but, hey

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now, to forget about the laundry i did, i'm going to play some magic the gathering arena. which is ironically probably the thing i was doing instead of doing laundry, before.

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@ryanlittlefield if you’re not letting it stack up to unsustainable levels then folding a whole bunch in a frenzy then what are you even doing

@checkervest yeah i definitely spent like an hour and a half tonight, a completely ludicrous amount of hands-on time with the clothes that i otherwise handle for seconds at a time. the input does not equal the output.

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