alc, work, +? 

my boss texted me a link to a local article at 6am this morning about a guy who lives in the albany region and was arguably albany's first craft brewer, and basically trained a bunch of people who own breweries around here today. and he said it made him think of me, which is both an easy statement and also super humbling

so there's that

@ryanlittlefield my favorite bar, Mahar’s, was in Albany. One of the brewers for Ommegang was a friend of a friend. Good beer memories.

@sconlan oh yeah, nice! i believe it's madison pour house now. lots of people still go, for sure.

alc, work, +? 

@checkervest yeah i was like "wait why is my boss texting me at 6am on a sunday" and then it turned out to be a really nice thing, and maybe a good compliment? i dunno. either way, pretty good

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