is there a way to turn off e-mails for hashtag review?

or rather just to allow hashtags to federate? i don't need to get e-mails for every one, lol

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@ryanlittlefield I was wondering the same thing; I'll snoop around and tell you if I find anything

@ryanlittlefield oh here we go: Settings -> Preferences -> Notifications -> uncheck Send e-mail when an unreviewed hashtag is trending

@AskChip @derek it didn't really even make much sense, because it wasn't every hashtag, it was a select number of them, and only some. so i'm not sure what that was about

@ryanlittlefield @derek The setting actually exists? Knowing Twitter they bunged the algorithm to suit their philosophies.

@AskChip @derek the setting to turn the notifications off? yeah. as for what's actually happening, allowing moderation around a hashtag, i'm not really sure. all i can associate is that upgraded their instances to v3.0 yesterday, so probably because of that

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