i didn't ever post anything about my zune but its because I'm proud of it for working so hard since it was made

I'm working on using it again for music i love, and only using spotify for the stuff i don't yet own/am checking out.

and even then, spotify feels a lil "extra" in practice

i had my last zune stolen out of my car a few years ago, so i had to buy this one secondhand. i jokingly suspected that once the person found out what it was that they got, sans cable, i'd find my car broken into the next day, with the zune back on the seat.

i joked about it, but i felt too devastated about not having a zune to let it go. so i got ol zuney the second, here

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the design of the actual physical object still holds up really well today. i suspect that a quick firmware update and maybe a new, higher res screen would be all you'd need to make it feel like it was released this year. its weight isn't too crazy, and i think we've gone around the "one device does all" loop and come back to that fuzzy feeling of proprietary stuff a bit. i sort of feel like it could make a splash in some circles if it came back.

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also would like to see a new transfer software made, even an unofficial one. the last official software was probably updated in 2012 or something at the most recent. It still touts "works on windows 7"

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@ryanlittlefield to be fair i'm 26 and still love and respect my dearly departed zune

@Stevarow how is it such a good device when most of the other stuff MS has made is just trash

@ryanlittlefield literally all they had to do was go "what if the ipod was... good?" and actually pulled it off

@Stevarow what if the ipod survived a 6 inch fall without the screen becoming unusable?

though also the zune software can be miserable to use, the desktop one. i guess itunes had that going for it, clunky though it was

@ryanlittlefield the DJ at a wedding I went to a couple of years ago used a stack of Zunes to play his music and it was amazing

@jasonscheirer holy shit, they are THAT reliable! that's awesome. also this picture is like, extremely satisfying to see - that lil row of zunes doing their work

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