sort of wish there was a way that i could... uh, "subscribe" to other admins' instance blocks so that I didn't have to hunt through my TL if I remembered seeing posts about instances I needed to block. I'm sure that I've missed a bunch of blocks because of this. I don't even know how this would work - maybe an export from the instance like with accounts? Does that already exist?

or that i could allow other specific admins to commit changes (in the form of blocks) to my instance.

i'm sure this has been said before, but the idea that instances, in order to be blocked, need to either a) cause harm or b) be posted about by someone, isn't really conducive to an efficient peer-curated moderation process

@ryanlittlefield Thank you for all your work moderating the instance~

@RC i appreciate the thanks, but we're so small that I barely have to do anything. Occasionally I'll see people listing off instances to block, and if I'm at my computer, I will, but that's about it. I haven't had any issues reported to us in a while, and even then, it was one or two and they were quickly dealt with. But we're a small pond in the grand scheme of things, I think.

I just like doing the fun stuff like getting stickers made, haha

@ryanlittlefield would you be up for implimenting whatever it is that lets users draw in their toots?


@bunnyjane If I hosted the instance, I would be. I have our hosting done through because I am not that technical, so we're on baseline code rather than any specific fork or customization. I'm happy to continue paying for the hosting if you might know someone who is technical enough to do it, but that's what we've got for right now

@ryanlittlefield Thanks for considering. I figured it was a long shot. And thank you for running this instance!

@bunnyjane of course! i'd love to do all kinds of crazy shit but it'd spin out of control quickly if I was the one doing it 😅

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