sort of wish there was a way that i could... uh, "subscribe" to other admins' instance blocks so that I didn't have to hunt through my TL if I remembered seeing posts about instances I needed to block. I'm sure that I've missed a bunch of blocks because of this. I don't even know how this would work - maybe an export from the instance like with accounts? Does that already exist?

@sexybenfranklin maybe... i guess you're still getting into a territory where you'd have to then cross reference that and make time to go in and do it manually. this is a small deal of course, but it just seems weird that, for such a federated environment, there wouldn't be an ability to have sort of 'niched' communities that could share moderation decisions


@sexybenfranklin ah okay. then the latter part of my recent comment doesn't apply.

@sexybenfranklin to an extent i also think that this relies on instances being willing to share their block data as opposed to having sort of a vetted, shared blocklist. it's just taking the long way around, it feels.

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