editing and posting simpsons captions is fun. maybe i'll just turn my account from having sometimes-worthwhile things to say, into never-having-anything-good-to-say content, and just saying everything through simpsons images

@Pixley i suspect it will get tiring after a while, but idk, might as well enjoy it while it lasts

@paeneultima what i mean to say by this is that i actually say the "newsletter" quote a lot and no one ever gets it. and it's not that i regret saying it but i just want someone, just once, to know what it's from

@ryanlittlefield I feeeeeeel this. I have to explain all of my Simpsons quotes to my students all the time. 😭😭😭

@ryanlittlefield kids are a lot more receptive than adults, so it’s more a lot of “oh I should watch it, my parents/grandparents mention it a lot”

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