it's my 31st birthday today and, of course, my evening is amazing because I'm trying out this new carpet cleaner i got

lemme tell ya

don't get older. unless you like cleaning gadgets. this thing is sick

@ryanlittlefield Happy birthday! 🍰🎉 (There's no vaccum emoji?)

@ryanlittlefield happy birthday, and many happy returns!! 🎉🎉🎉

thank you! our mortgage lender sent me an email that said happy returns as well, so i thought it was like an investment thing. unless it is and you're saying i should invest. are you? what should i invest in?

@ryanlittlefield people used to say “happy birthday, and many happy returns of the day!” Eventually it got shortened to “many happy returns!” which I enjoy because I get a kick out of being unnecessarily old fashioned. I think your mortgage lender is making a cute joke!

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