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starting next weekend, i'm brewing my first beer in a series of beers inspired by dark souls. i know i'm the worst kind of nerd, but this is something i'm really excited about. i've been spending a not-insignificant amount of time looking into lore, areas, geography, characters, bosses, outside of playing the games, and a relatively high amount of dedication and research went into shaping the beers in the series i'm making. i'm really excited about it.

alc, creativity, ambition, + 

there are some meta jokes about the games and the beer culture that will be baked into some of the recipes i'm using, but the focus is to keep it relatively source-material heavy and to maintain a throughline across all of it.

next week will be the beer for Undead Parish/Undead Burg, and will be a Blonde Abbey Ale (Singel) with Almond Extract/Flavoring. I'm going to use a similar recipe to a Westmalle Extra clone, with the addition of almond.

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alc, creativity, ambition, + 

I've decided that the name of this one is going to be Indelible Wrongdoings

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