I'm from Upstate NY. I brew and drink beer for fun. I've been drumming for almost 18 years, and I love collecting vinyl. Currently I'm super into math rock/pop punk stuff.

I like video/board/card games, and spending time with friends.

I got married last year (2018) and have been a vegan for a few months now. Making life changes and improving myself is something I'm always working on, even if it doesn't look like it.

Feel free to say hi or drop me a line!

@ryanlittlefield hi!

"Upstate" by NYC definition ("not the city"), by Rochester definition ("above the thruway"), by Adirondack definition ("has a mountain") ? ;-)

- Finger Lakes, NY here.

@aldersprig oof! uhhh i suppose by NYC definition. I guess positioning is relative, huh. Adirondacks is "Northern" to me as opposed to Upstate, and Rochester et al is "Western". And I can't call myself "Central" because that's reserved for Syracuse.

But hey, it's all good! I just like knowing there are people geographically near to me using Mastodon!

@ryanlittlefield I grew up in Rochester, so I tend to think of things in "Rochester" terms, so now I live in "Central" or "Finger Lakes."

hadn't thought of Central being Syracuse! Interesting.

(Buffalo and Fredonia are Western to me ;-)

So hello! We are in the same state.

@aldersprig haha we sure are! my wife and I do a little family thing (with my inlaws and her side of the family) in the finger lakes each year, so at some point in the next couple of months i'll probably be in your neck of the woods!

we mainly tour a bunch of wineries and breweries there, and mainly tend to just relax and read. it's pretty nice.

@ryanlittlefield Ooh, we do that sometimes. Just hit a few, take a walk around, maybe hit a couple more, go home.

The Seneca and Keuka wineries are my favorites.

@aldersprig I wish I could remember which lakes we've stayed around, but geography was never my strong suit.

I know that one of my favorite wineries was the Ledenfrost winery though - the Rhapsody was my favorite there.

But yeah, it seems great. The fact that more breweries seem to be popping up around there is intriguing to me personally :blobcoffee:

@ryanlittlefield Do check out Lucky Hare if you're doing the breweries. They're one of my faves.

@aldersprig I think we've been there - and I'm pretty sure I have a glass from there as well. It was good, if I remember correctly! I really remember liking Grist Iron (I think it was...)

@ryanlittlefield @aldersprig can confirm we’ve been to Lucky Hare! And we’ve done both sides of Seneca :) So much there!

@brianne_renee @ryanlittlefield Seneca is The Win.

Let's see, if you like Leidenfrost.... Silver Thread and Silver Springs and Ravines are some of my other favorites on Seneca. :-D

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