i think i might start a little community on discord around math rock / emo revival / post punk or something. if you wanna join and hang out let me know

alright, i just did. i'm the only one in there but it's called cartoon pizza and high life. there are no rules on who can join but it's probably a good idea to be into one of the kinds of music i mentioned before. i don't know where to talk to people about that kind of stuff so i might as well extend a hand right?

boosts are cool on this btw. finding people is probably gonna be one of the hardest things

Hey I'm not on Discord super often but if you wanna shoot me the invite I'll try to make time to stop in. 🤘🏻

@strypey i appreciate the input. it's more of an experiment to see if anyone cares to join when given the 'easiest' open (maybe they already have a discord account). i'm not hoping for much but if it gets traction i will probably look to decentralize as necessary.

@ryanlittlefield fair enough. A lot of people already have a #Gitter account ...

@ryanlittlefield have you heard of a kiwi band called #HDU (High Dependency Unit), on a little local label called #FlyingNun?

@strypey i hadn't until now. it's not my absolute favorite but i definitely don't instantly hate it, haha. giving it a chance right now

@ryanlittlefield yeah, some of their records are better than others. It's often the sort of thing that grows on people with multiple listens. The other kiwi band you might like is Snapper, also on Flying Nun.

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