reading all the 0/10 battlefield v reviews is giving me life rn


"It's not historically accurate!" i shout, crying, upset at what EA and DICE have done, as i watch the 1990's tv show dinosaurs for the fourteenth time


"FINALLY. SOME HISTORICAL. ACCURACY." I scream, slamming my hand on my coffee table sending empty cans of grape fanta onto the shag carpet. I cheer at the TV as Fred Flintstone uses his bare feet to power a solid stone car.

@ryanlittlefield DON'T YOU DARE SHIT ON DINOSAURS! For a show about prehistory, it was ahead of its time!

@chromakey @ryanlittlefield that show is so legendary im afraid to rewatch it in fear of destroying my memories of it.

Also, it has the greatest ending of any show

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