If truck drivers can get paid a living wage, so can everyone tbh


This just in: I'm not actually sure if truck drivers are typically paid a living wage

@ryanlittlefield before googling this, i would have guessed that over the road truckers make maybe $50-70k in the US, more for some companies / regions / specialties.

dunno how trustworthy this info is, but: indeed.com/salaries/Truck-Driv

money-wise it's a decent living in a lot of this country, at least, though it sure can't be an easy one.

(i'm not sure what happens if you broaden "truck drivers" to local delivery people, package carriers, movers, and the like.)

@brennen @ryanlittlefield it's an upgrade from Amazon warehouse employee, but you still have to piss in a bottle.

@ryanlittlefield this is adjacent to what I do. I don’t really know what the breakdown is with bigger companies and what individual drivers get, and I don’t know how much of that goes to fuel/other truck expenses on the actual trip. You can go from Seattle to LA for anywhere from 800 to 1600, depending on time of year. Obviously even that range varies too. I’d assume it’s good enough money for the amount of new companies getting in all the time, but dunno how good.

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