i have a headache and i'm feeling like playing video games. but i really want to relax and not do anything that will get my blood pressure up at all.

what games do you have for this? what do you like?

@ryanlittlefield the witness, alone with you, machinarium, bound, entwined (tho sometimes this game frustrates the heck out of me)

@paeneultima dang i've played most of these already wth

am i too relaxed, is that what is going on? from playing these?

@ryanlittlefield peak!relaxation. Your only choice now is an endless cycle of CoD vapid sequels.

@ryanlittlefield Puzzle arcade games like puzzle quest, Tetris, bejeweled, and some sort of bubble shooter.

@staticsafe oh man, i'm sure that's a great rec but that involves learning the game which unfortunately puts it out for me right now. i'll keep that in my pocket though!

@ryanlittlefield usually something like Katamari, or more recently Donut County. Lighter puzzle games are usually pretty good for this for me too. Honestly though, most of the time if I'm feeling like not doing anything, I'll pick up a book and read.

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