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I like:

-beer/brewing beer
-prog metal / math rock / pop punk / lo-fi hip hop / some vapor
-video games and shit
-junk food
-board / card games
-having small get-togethers with friends
-cool comics and books
-pointless funny shit
-staying busy and occupied

I don't like

-folding laundry
-being at parties with tons of people / forced socialization
-a series of events going horribly wrong

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Lazer Pizza fam:

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Do i like people even though they still use slurs? No

But do i give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe they didn't mean it that way? Also no

cryptic crosswords is the github of crosswords

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hmm running in sub-30F temps in a t shirt and shorts maybe isn't one of the better ideas i've had

...oh well

i don't think i should've ordered a nappuccino

you ever pet your animals regardless of what else would work

god why is logging into the target's redcard services so garbage now

thinking about just closing my card tbh

today i get to come straight home after work and i have no obligations other than maybe a chore or somethin, i'm so excited haha

also i'm on spotify @damnablebear if people want to follow me / be followed

‪Out with the old, in with the new. At least, prepping for that. Freshly inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi. ‬

if anyone here knows who hit my parked car today could you tell me? bc they didn't leave a note or stick around. i'd super like not to have to pay $750 as a deductible for no reason at all

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Maybe someone can help me: I manage my books through calibre, using a kindle paperwhite (bought well before I knew how awful amazon was). Issue I’m having is, books are being marked as personal documents, which puts that ugly “personal” tag over the cover. Documentation I’ve seen says the kindles no longer do this, I don’t see the tag in metadata until after they’ve been loaded to the device. Solution in the past has been load, see which get it, remove, reconvert without tags, load again.

idk why but for the last couple days i've been imagining tom delonge singing death cab songs and it's awful

i have to have this segment on NPR where they get two people in a pool of goop*

obama: *punches wall* how do you actually think about it - need to do this, what do people want / like

good morning i slept for like 5 on/off hours because my cat thought it would be a good time to bring several toys into the bedroom and just mess with them throughout the night how are you

The time is here for Dark Souls Remastered with @coffeentacos - come watch and hang out at

spoiler alert we already cleared blighttown so we ain't got time for that shit tbh

LB: It's time to get some pyromancies, breh. I'll be streaming Dark Souls Remastered on around 8:30 pm EST. We're gonna get poisoned. We're gonna die. We're gonna bleed. We're gonna laugh and cry and scream (I will anyway) and there will be cats, a dog possibly, maybe beer, and many many souls. All the souls.

In roughly 4 hours, @ryanlittlefield and I will be playing some more of the game that spawned the series that started our friendship! Come join us as we stumble through Blighttown in Dark Souls Remastered!

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