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I like:

-beer/brewing beer
-prog metal / math rock / pop punk / lo-fi hip hop / some vapor
-video games and shit
-junk food
-board / card games
-having small get-togethers with friends
-cool comics and books
-pointless funny shit
-staying busy and occupied

I don't like

-folding laundry
-being at parties with tons of people / forced socialization
-a series of events going horribly wrong

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Lazer Pizza fam:

Introduction posts are how people will know what you like and know whether to follow you!

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i super hope i don't have to work another 15 hours today

Sure, the world needs changing, but for goodness sake let people enjoy themselves doing useless, fun things.

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we're doin' it - we're gonna stream some fallout: new vegas. i've never played this before, so i'm gonna need a coach. come hang out!

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well i just spent a couple hours watching twitch streams and cleaning up a box cover for a snes game that was never localized in the US, hence me having to throw together a cover to use for it on my shelf. it looks pretty good so far though! (half cut off since it's not done yet)

a very easy mastodon feature that would just make managing blocklists easier would be moving the add new button to the top of the page instead of the bottom :thounking:

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I love you and you're beautiful without trying. You're more than enough. You're amazing.

hi mastodon, i hope you have an excellent thursday

doing numbers on the next social media site after mastodon

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Lazer Pizza!!

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