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I'm from Upstate NY. I brew and drink beer for fun. I've been drumming for almost 18 years, and I love collecting vinyl. Currently I'm super into math rock/pop punk stuff.

I like video/board/card games, and spending time with friends.

I got married last year (2018) and have been a vegan for a few months now. Making life changes and improving myself is something I'm always working on, even if it doesn't look like it.

Feel free to say hi or drop me a line!

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Lazer Pizza fam:

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Shout out to fellow bisexuals today whose parents condemned them to hell when they came out. It's going to be okay, I'm here if you want to talk about it.

lp folks, I'll block those bots once I'm back at a computer

so i'm having like ".....!!!!!!!" feelings about it but also shhh

i'm trying to do something irl that i feel is probably one of the most 'mastodon' things ever, to do, but i don't want to talk about it because i feel like that puts an omen on stuff. but it's probably a few years' worth of work and.... as much as I don't know what it'll mean if it DOES happen, as far as my current job and career..... it's something i really want to be a part of.

well i just finished tracking a song from start to finish in like an hour, so that's cool. one more to do on the EP, then down to critical listening and making any changes. then editing, then done!

you will see what i mean when there are no numbers to speak of with regards to the previous post

you know what, let's do a trial run of a grown up post

right now i am waiting on hold for vanguard to pick up so i can ask them about an account transfer

boosts ok

in retrospect, i would respectfully like to redact the word "adult" and replace it with the word "grown-up"

i haven't been posting a lot because i've been doing a lot of adult (TM) things and no one would care about any of that any more than i do, to be honest with you

the only thing I can commend her on is the absolute commitment to clear cut needless destruction, and even then

this is really tiring but i would love not having to spend money on menial things because of stuff like this. i really would

look how accomplished she feels with herself, what an asshole

wow cool one of my cats completely tore apart my earbuds (like each bud was separated from its cable as was the mic) and horked part of the cable up on the floor

totally normal cat behavior to do, cat.

(this is out of character for her and I'm pretty pissed)

it's always good and useful when you're doing a screen share and say "hopefully you can see my screen but - " and then the person you're talking to interrupts and starts describing what they see on the screen in immense detail, theoretically trying to confirm that it is, indeed, the right screen

hey, i've got two codes for free albums on bandcamp if anyone wants em. I have digital versions of them from buying them directly, and these slips came with the vinyl versions. they're for:

Elephant Gym - Work
The Obsessives - s/t

lemme know if you want em

also would like to see a new transfer software made, even an unofficial one. the last official software was probably updated in 2012 or something at the most recent. It still touts "works on windows 7"

the design of the actual physical object still holds up really well today. i suspect that a quick firmware update and maybe a new, higher res screen would be all you'd need to make it feel like it was released this year. its weight isn't too crazy, and i think we've gone around the "one device does all" loop and come back to that fuzzy feeling of proprietary stuff a bit. i sort of feel like it could make a splash in some circles if it came back.

i had my last zune stolen out of my car a few years ago, so i had to buy this one secondhand. i jokingly suspected that once the person found out what it was that they got, sans cable, i'd find my car broken into the next day, with the zune back on the seat.

i joked about it, but i felt too devastated about not having a zune to let it go. so i got ol zuney the second, here

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