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I'm from Upstate NY. I brew and drink beer for fun. I've been drumming for almost 18 years, and I love collecting vinyl. Currently I'm super into math rock/pop punk stuff.

I like video/board/card games, and spending time with friends.

I got married last year (2018) and have been a vegan for a few months now. Making life changes and improving myself is something I'm always working on, even if it doesn't look like it.

Feel free to say hi or drop me a line!

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Lazer Pizza fam:

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i just downloaded wordfeud if anyone wants to play - @balrogboogie recommended it. i'm damnablebear on there if people want to add me.

alc, +, homebrew 

when i called the foodplace to check to see if my order had gone out yet (it had been like 1h15m) i wasn't even upset that it wasn't here yet, but i was angry that the guy who answered called me "bro", dismissively

i didn't wanna go back to my other avatar so i made one that looks kinda worse lmao but it's fine

work, alc-tangent photo? 

a bombastic version of arabian nights also just played, just in time to pull up the anxiety in the whole place lmao what is this

the local greek spot i frequent is playing like broadway show tunes and i am very confused

well i'll be in suffolk county new york (long island) in a couple of weeks for work so if any of you are from there, let's meet up and -

haha i'm just kidding no one is from there, nothing is there. it's a ghost town, nothing happens there and nothing is there

i had a three day weekend where i was very lazy but also convinced myself to get things done around the house. i got a lot done and don't feel at all recharged. i think i am just bad at letting myself relax, or just don't know how

there are a lot of current trends about reading yourself as a person like astrology or myers briggs tests, and it can be dangerous to live your life by those, but they are fun and can be a little insightful with the way you read yourself, if you remember not to take them seriously

anyway that was a disclaimer to me noting that i included a myers briggs reading to my bio in case anyone wants to see if they match :lazerpizza:

truly the apex of being an instance admin is having to approve hashtags such as

the best part of working in a building is that the ceiling constantly leaks despite the leasing company's every attempt to fix it. it's like watching whack a mole in which you have no direct investment but just snort every time a new one pops up

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