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I like:

-beer/brewing beer
-prog metal / math rock / pop punk / lo-fi hip hop / some vapor
-video games and shit
-junk food
-board / card games
-having small get-togethers with friends
-cool comics and books
-pointless funny shit
-staying busy and occupied

I don't like

-folding laundry
-being at parties with tons of people / forced socialization
-a series of events going horribly wrong

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Lazer Pizza fam:

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throwing the mail into the trash but i'm missing all my shots so it's landing in the dog's bed

also damn, a bar of 7/8, a bar of 6/8, a bar of 7/8 and a bar of straight 4 is perf

6/8 with the snare hits on 2 and 5 is so wholesome especially when done in a shuffley kind of beat imo

where my physical body excelled today, my mental body is lacking, so i cut js lessons short. gonna try again tomorrow to pound through a twice-as-long lesson rather than doing two tonight. i think i need some good TLC and gaming before bed.

manually changing the words my phone capitalises back to lowercase so i seem cool and mysterious on-line

friendly reminder that you don't need to be ~productive~ to be valuable as a human being

if this feels difficult, try writing down two significant things you want to either start on or finish this week, and keep them in front of you. even if you don't complete them, you've made progress!

happy monday mastonauts! it might seem like we have a long road ahead until we get a break, but we need to sail through it and engage ourselves in our work and our play! spend your free time doing something beneficial for yourself, and be productive in whatever way that means for you! come out of it feeling like you ticked some boxes by the time the week is done.

i think also, i'm not looking for anything overly puzzley, but just mesmerizing with neat systems

friends, looking for a video game rec. something light and fluffy but fun and engaging. nothing with too much commitment but enough to lose yourself in what you're doing. (something like mini metro might do). but nothing like stardew valley only because i'd want to make sure my farm was perfect over a long playthrough, and i'm just looking for something maybe more stage-based! pc would be good.

feeling weird to turn off and save the game on dragon quest 11 after an hour and a half of play. i think i just want to savor my time there and not feel like i need to blow through it. so nice so far though

Update : i ended up going out anyway, intolerance be damned. I had to get food for dinner so i might as well have done it

Selling a thing on letgo, but dude buying the thing waited like 4 hours after i told him I was good to meet. I just want the thing out of the house but damn if i dont feel like leaving. What would you do?

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