watchin a friend play death road to canada and i fell in love with this randomly generated character named bobbie

barney is having a very nice evening listening to birds and smelling the breeze (cat eye contact)

i'm still figuring out how i wanna draw puyos... i love schezo's long hair from 7 and his wavy hair from the old compile games, but combining them might be a little too cecil finalfantasy (contains eye contact)

i'm syd! i'm a trans man from BC, canada. i love writing (original and fanfic), drawing (digital and traditional), video games (mostly rhythm and puzzle), and music (j-rock/pop, french house, eurobeat, future funk, etc etc)

i'll probably post about the media i'm enjoying and the creative stuff i'm working on. here's some art! (contains waist-up nudity, the suggestion of blood, and sfw physical intimacy)

Lazer Pizza!!

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