i'm syd! i'm a trans man from BC, canada. i love writing (original and fanfic), drawing (digital and traditional), video games (mostly rhythm and puzzle), and music (j-rock/pop, french house, eurobeat, future funk, etc etc)

i'll probably post about the media i'm enjoying and the creative stuff i'm working on. here's some art! (contains waist-up nudity, the suggestion of blood, and sfw physical intimacy)

@regentzilla hi syd, welcome! Glad to see a fellow BCer (or whatever we’re supposed to call each other 😅). What’s a favourite puzzle game of yours?

@coffeentacos hey! i'm always a little surprised to meet people from the west half of canada, we seem somewhat under-represented online ahaha. i started learning puyo puyo last year and i don't think i'll be stopping anytime soon, there's so much strategy to it and the esports scene is incredible. what have you been playing lately?

@regentzilla yeah, nearly everyone I’ve met online is east coast or close to it. I’ve loved puyo puyo since playing robotnik’s mean bean machine back on the genesis as a kid! I’m not great at it but I very much enjoy it. Been playing quite a bit of Picross and Tetris Effect lately, Picross basically taking the place of doing a crossword in the morning for a while.

@coffeentacos i'm an evening crossword kind of person, ahaha. i've been meaning to find a good way to play picross for a while now! and i haven't played tetris effect myself but i dig watching people stream it while i work on other things, it has such a relaxing vibe even when it's going at the speed of light 😂

@regentzilla there are something like 8 or 9 Picross games on the 3DS, including Picross 3D 2!

@regentzilla I haven’t streamed Tetris Effect yet, still getting used to the additions to it

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