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i'm syd! i'm a trans man from BC, canada. i love writing (original and fanfic), drawing (digital and traditional), video games (mostly rhythm and puzzle), and music (j-rock/pop, french house, eurobeat, future funk, etc etc)

i'll probably post about the media i'm enjoying and the creative stuff i'm working on. here's some art! (contains waist-up nudity, the suggestion of blood, and sfw physical intimacy)

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It was a rough week for me
so I made another tiny friend to cheer for me and for you in case you need it
I wish you a happy weekend

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β€œWhat A Beauty!,” Theo van den Boogaard, 1984

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whoever said the skys the limit never heard of friggin space. nice one brain geniose

i've barely been drawing anything lately so i've set today aside to curate an inspo folder. i want a bunch of the art that inspired me to start drawing in the first place and stuff by artists who influenced my style nicely organized and right on my desktop

it only occurred to me once i was almost done colouring that the hat was probably meant to be a canadian flag, well done

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watchin a friend play death road to canada and i fell in love with this randomly generated character named bobbie

i think myd might be my favourite artist on the entire ed banger label right now, i loved his first EP with them and i'm such a sucker for italo-disco

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i miss everyone i know on twitter, but i can't even stomach going on twitter long enough to be like "hey i'm indefinite hiatus here's where i'm going"

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kishidan discography livetooting, kinda lewd 

kisarazu graffiti also has a really lovely and heartfelt duet by their bassist matsu and rhythm guitarist ranma about their favourite brand of condoms/dick size preference which reduces me to hysterical tears almost every time

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kishidan discography livetooting 

i've been putting off listening to the kisarazu graffiti album because it's not my favourite (it's very stiff and overpolished, they were coming back from a several year long hiatus taken in an attempt to keep the band from breaking up completely), but man i still go absolutely ape over this song/single/video

barney is having a very nice evening listening to birds and smelling the breeze (cat eye contact)

the absolute best part of playing rhythm games is when you have a breakthrough and suddenly your hands are just doing things you couldn't even parse before

in the air tonight is playing in this waiting room and i'm struggling to not laugh out loud because all i can think of is this video

ff7 livetooting 

it feels very nostalgic despite the fact that i've never played it before, thanks to the combination of growing up on the internet in the early 00s and playing crisis core as a teen (even though all i really remember of crisis core is gackt being there)

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ff7 livetooting 

i've been playing ff7 for the first time ever and i've been enjoying it a lot, but i just got to gongaga and yuffie tricked me into opening a menu and stole my wallet and i think i officially love this game. that was so good


my weekend baking plans are sugar cookies and lemon-lime cupcakes!! it's been a while since i surprised my gluten and/or lactose intolerant friends (of which i have a surprising amount) with baked goods so i'm gonna make TONS

i'm still figuring out how i wanna draw puyos... i love schezo's long hair from 7 and his wavy hair from the old compile games, but combining them might be a little too cecil finalfantasy (contains eye contact)

almost all the snow here has melted and it even rained last night, my GOD i missed the feeling of moisture in the air

the process of moving my music collection to a new computer has given me the opportunity to listen to huge swaths of it and it's been such a delight... i'm currently going through my favourite band's discography in order from the very start for the first time in about 8 years

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