/Marley singing very out off tune/

Marley: I sing like Elsa!
Me: 😐

Who am I to tell her otherwise? 😅

Someone is finding out that walking on grass it’s a little more difficult. ☺️

Marley’s favorite “working station“ — our local beer and food dispensary (as I call it). 😉

Every time I start writing (typing) a blog post with tons of links, I am reminded why I used to prefer Ulysses as my main text editor. It’s so much cleaner and way less distracting.

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I asked Luna if she was eating chocolate. She said no. I kind of believe her. 😉

I am not going to lie, I do feel a little stressed today and I don’t like it! 😒

Scale, both of the girls (Marley and Luna) got shots today. Besides the “sympathy crying and screaming”, it went swell.

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