we are reaching critical levels of tp dun dun duuuun

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‎is it weird that Apple Music knows I have a thing for Paulina Rubio but I won’t admit it? 😅🙈

Ni una Sola Palabra by Paulina Rubio song.link/https://music.apple.

In my mind, the Fast and the Furious franchise goes like this. The first one (the best one), the second one that is not that awesome but cool and Tokyo Drift. Then, a lot of rocky furious stuff that can’t piece together. 😅

The guest’s bathroom in the house has become Marley’s bathroom. Right ? So, if I need to use it, I need to ask for permission (😅).

Me: Marley! I need to use your bathroom!

Marley: yes papa, flush the toilet, don’t forget to flush the toilet!


Apple Watch: check your rings today!

Me: today is Sunday, the day of the lord! It is blasphemy to close any rings!

😂 (sips on beer)

My hand are so scalpy from all the hand-washing. 🧼 👏

Remember bars? They were the bees-knees!

I have become a sucker for Roguelike games. Even if I don't finish then because they can be very difficult. 😅

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