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To start, I'm thinking that it would have a couple flavors of scheme, lisp, forth, factor, brainfuck, and maybe a mail system to facilitate discussion :shrug:

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Would anyone be interested in a tilde server focused on a bunch of Esolangs? A place to play with, explore, and talk about weird or esoteric programming languages?

> ... To suit our unique needs, we designed and open-sourced $AN_ENGINEER_TOOK_A_MYTHOLOGY_CLASS, a highly-available, just-in-time compiler for $UNREMARKABLE_LANGUAGE.

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> ... we tried messing with some garbage collector parameters we didn’t really understand, but to our surprise that didn’t magically solve our problems so instead we disabled garbage collection altogether. This increased our memory usage, but our automatic on-demand scaler handled this for us, as the graph below shows ...

Tonight I learned not to release pressure on the pressure cooker too quickly.

Later tonight I'll be cleaning soup off of the kitchen ceiling.

rant / vent 

one of my least favourite things about programmers (tech geeks generally) is their tendency to push their unsolicited preferences and opinions on others.

if you see someone playing with a toy and having fun, why not acknowledge and celebrate their joy? instead the response is often: "oh, that toy sucks, you should use this other toy. blah blah blah."

such lack of awareness is incredibly frustrating at times. brings to mind the le guin quote of warring wizards. celebrate the process!

Me: writing 1000 lines of TS, feel nothing
Me: writing 1 SQL query with 4+ joins, feel completely unstoppable



...all of programming.


Released v0.2 of my "licenser" project, which plops a dang ol' license into your project! I am OPEN SOURCING rn.
So yeah, send me a MR or whatev if you want to see more licenses!

Forth, kinda like a lisp's quirky cousin...but backwards.

> The main thing that was important to me was to get True and False to be able to behave as both functions and as results without too much hair pulling.

In march I made a tomagotchi in is brutally hard. I can't keep it alive for longer than about a minute.

For the past month or so I’ve been unable to find nutritional yeast (one of the corner stones of my mostly vegan family). I wonder what percentage of folks newly buying it are super disappointed when they try to make bread with it?

Turkish garbage collectors open a library for all of the books citizens discard in their trash.

software release 

Just did my first "real" release! It's something I think other people could *actually* use, and it's written in (I'm pretty sure) POSIX shell. I present:
a configurable multi-machine ssh tunneler.

This release adds autossh support.

I told my three month old daughter the sum of what I know of the world after close to 32 years: dogs good, people bad.

Does anyone know the thinking behind the prevalent pattern during login where username and password entry are split across 2 different views? It seems like everything does it now, but I don't get the benefit -- nor do I really see a dark pattern at play. It is seemingly just slower UX?

Every-time I reread Charlotte Brontë’s *Villette* I think about what a bad ass spy novel Brontë would have written had the genre been invented yet.

Are there storytellers that you think would have rocked in other mediums, or genres had they been available to them?

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