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Don’t mess with Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb. They can fuck shit up.

Also, I guess spoiler warning for “The Tale of Two Bad Mice” by Beatrix Potter?

Is a support group for millennial parents panicking about climate change a thing? I legit need this.

> VeoLuz is an exploration-focused playground and an artistic tool. It attempts to mimic the behavior of photons as they interact with barriers of various kinds − those that absorb light, those that reflect light, and those that refract light.

I thought my computer’s power supply was dying. I just realized it is actually the cat walking behind my computer.

It turns out, the bullshit that I am very much back on is, in fact, flip-flopping in endless indecisiveness between Emacs and Acme.

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Floating-point rounding errors as an energy source: In one simulation, robots learned that small rounding errors in the math that calculated forces meant that they got a tiny bit of extra energy with motion. They learned to twitch rapidly, generating lots of free energy that they could harness. The programmer noticed the problem when the robots started swimming extraordinarily fast.

Photo of a slightly unhappy dog in a cargo bike. 

Dog is not chill with our cargo bike life choices.

to myself, in a whisper: "do not write your own flavor of lisp, do not write your own flavor of lisp, do not write your own flavor of lisp"

I freaking love this from the choo docs:

> A fun way to think about browsers, is as a standardized Virtual Machine (VM) that includes high-level APIs to do networking, sandboxed code execution and disk access. It runs on almost every platform, behaves similarly everywhere, and is always kept backwards compatible.

P2P encrypted chat that uses magic wormhole for file sharing...

a sprinting bear can run as fast as a galloping horse. in my honest opinion, we made such a massive mistake in focusing so hard on horses.

in this presentation i will explain how we can change the kentucky derby to be more interesting.

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Lazer Pizza!!

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