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"It takes a Village: Lessons on Collaborative Web Development" by Harald Kirschner

There is some really neat stuff coming up in the Firefox Dev Tools. Skip to 20:50 and see a really amazing demo of time-travel debugging. The moment where he adds logpoints and it prints a console.log *for previous points in time* blew my mind.

Immersive Technology has a big problem and it isn’t adoption. Accessibility for all in XR application design is a challenge that many developers are ignoring, this needs to change.

Got pulled over yesterday because my car's inspection had just expired. I was yelled at for a while, and then issued a ticket. Today I'm trying to pay my ticket. Their is no info about where to mail a check, and the online system doesn't seem to work...their is a phone number that leads to an automated system that asks for "citation number," but the ticket I have has no such number. I've tried inputting literally every number present on the ticket...


If this is true, what then are the consequences of the ClojureScript community so fully embracing the way React does its thing? Is is alienating folks, or is it making react more approachable?


When designing developer tools, does one *have* to choose between making programming easier for programmers vs. making programming more accessible and inclusive to a larger group of folks?

Whenever I work with React I feel like it is an example of a tool that makes programming easier for programmers (read as "engineers" perhaps?).

The openbsd ports system has a lot going for it, but what really sticks out for me are the pkg_readmes.

Every single time, it is an absolutely amazing document, all of them a masterpiece of "you have just installed complicated piece of software X, here is how you get it to run on openbsd" that actually works.

So thank you ports people, for all the unloved hard work in the ports trenches, but especially for the great pkg_readmes.

Nice today Aral and Laura announced there next step in - Small Technology.

First up a very simple site generator where you own your content. Site.js

@aral @laura

While writing documentation for my little static wiki engine this evening, I realized that better than a wiki engine, it may be work well as a light weight choose your own adventure engine!?

Evidently I live with a Midi-chlorian apologist...

"Go version of Plan9 Acme Editor"

"Edwood has reached the useful milestone (v0.1) and should serve as drop-in replacement for Plan9 Port Acme. (But probably with different bugs.)"

A pedagogy controlled by algorithms can never be a pedagogy of care, integrity, or trust.

Hack Education Newsletter

ISO minimal, mostly black/gray abstract images to use as desktop backgrounds

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