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It took days longer than anticipated, and crying under my desk twice (perk of having a standing desk) -- but I finished this project!

I could use choo...or Mithril...or backbone...or countless other JS things...but, I mean, why *not* make my own on top of jquery? 😬

My laptop keeps overheating. It may be time to find a cooler space to work in 😑

"Here I am: the helpless captain of an untested ship, with an inexperienced crew." Alanis Morissette lyric or Robotech dialogue?

I'm noodling either 9Front or Alpine, just because they're new to me, and I spend all day in debian/ubuntu at work

ISO a fun linux distro (with GUI, that can run emacs) to install on a that I'd like to use as a machine for making toy programs, games, and writing on

What if we rename GIMP to "Bob FOSS Studio" and the logo is a stylish fro and goatee knockout over a painting of some happy little trees

Is a support group for millennial parents panicking about climate change a thing? I legit need this.

"Educate yourself, so you can be part of the conversation. Learn something scientific, something mathematic. Explore philosophy. Study paleontology. Try to learn a new language. You don’t even have to make fluency your goal, just get a few more words in your head. Listen to an educational podcast. Professors from colleges are offering their lectures online for free. One of my greatest challenges as a teacher was convincing students they were smart after someone had told them they were dumb."

Is there a groovy way to read mastodon folks you follow in an RSS reader?

Camo is just tie dye which has been corrupted by violence and power worship

Using Apache as a web server was...a mistake. Not only is the name unnecessarily appropriative, the config files are bananas if you are trying to run more than 1 site from a single server

So the heatwave in Europe right now is caused by a phenomenon called a heat dome. It's a huge area of high atmospheric pressure, which has enough influence that it forces the Jet Stream to divert around it. The unusual Jet Stream behaviour is drawing hot air North from the Sahara, which is making Europe so abnormally hot.

Apparently, some meteorologists nickname this an omega block, because it blocks off the Jet Stream and pulls it into kind of a Ω shape.

Has anyone else experienced an issue on Ubuntu 19.04 where, after about a day, your background goes all pixel-y? I'm thinking it is an issue with my NVIDIA driver.

Climate stuff, depressing (-) 

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Lazer Pizza!!

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