Is the world ready for the Muppets to do Pride and Prejudice? I'd like to see Kermit and Gonzo cast as Mr. Darcy

Side effect of sharing a space with a 3.5 year old: all flashlights in the house need new batteries.

Complaining about the heat... 

Complaining about the heat... 

TFW a few hours of work vanish before your eyes and there is nothing you can do about it...because you didn't implement a feature in your own platform. Whoops.

Just had one of those moments at work where I was reminded that priority and complexity are note necessarily aligned.

Just joined -- any recs. on game dev. or designers to follow?

@NCL @RC both of the folks I know there are in long term relationships with citizens, so, while they each have relatively steady freelance work, they also have the safety-net of an already established partner.

A perk is that I don't think you are taxed unless you make above a certain dollar amount, which is actually pretty high. But I'm not 100% certain, tbh.

For my family's situation I don't think it is a great option, but that is mostly because things get expensive fast with a kid.

@RC @NCL not sure what sort of work you are looking to do, but I know that the Netherlands also offers a freelancers VISA. I know a few folks on it. My partner and I have noodled it since we both work remotely and she speaks Dutch.

Make a git whoops? Clean it up!

git rm --cached `git ls-files -i -X .gitignore`

This piece of magic uses your `.gitignore` to sort out what should be deleted from git history, but keeps files locally. Great if you've accidentally committed a file that you need locally, but don't want to be tracked in git.

This assumes that you've already got a `.gitignore` file in place.

Even worse. There are evidently more than 9 double-oh agents...which are rendered 0010, 0011, 0012!?

I'd hate to be the person who has to maintain a spreadsheet of all the double-oh agents from Bond's MI6. All those leading 0s...spreadsheet nightmare.

Concept: Relaxing open world game where you and your friends build a Utopia on the ruins of society. Scavenge power lines and solar panels to create a microgrid. Tend the garden. Find an old bike and turn it into a cargo bike.

No currency, no cops, no monsters.

My 5 yo shoes are headed off to shoe heaven. Anyone have a recommendation for vegan shoes that’ll ideally last a few years? Moderate wear. Mostly waking, and a bit of biking, too.

@sir I'm interested to know why you can't recommend FastMail? Location of servers, price, some other aspect of the service?

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