I’m considering reopening memberships for the gaming group I put on hold, the “league of ordinary gentlefolk”

If you enjoy playing friendly games with emotionally intelligent, kind people and want a discord group with a mod who gives a shit about intersectionality without putting the education and moderation work on members of socioeconomically constricted groups hit me up for an invite to #LOOGGames!

I’m planning to do an hour every few nights just hanging out in voice chat!


@d wait for the first time getting a poo done on you whilst in camera (if that hasn’t happened yet)

@dirtycommo wooot! I just finished the most basic version of mine (moooost basic version)

@paul I’ve been following the development of Janet in the periphery, and I *think* this may have been a recent update to the docs.

How’re you like Janet? I’ve played with it — would like to use it for something bigger when I’m able to find some time.

Along a similar vein, panic buying and hoarding is a symptom of capitalism’s broken psychology, not irrational behavior.

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I've been seeing a lot of folks on fedi sharing a link that blames the current pandemic on folks eating meat.

Here's the thing. That is straight up eco-fascist bullshit.

I've been a vegetarian or vegan for the bulk of my life. I'm 100% in the camp of animal rights. But it is garbage to blame this disaster on folks' dietary choices. Sure the virus' origin was traced to a meat market, but source doesn't implicate fault.

If the fault is anywhere it's a failure of government.

@kittybecca nearly obligatory joke about it being so “owner-ous” 😬

@amdt ah, so the iPad is a client into a server. Roger roger. Coolio!

@chosafine @shel your passing reference to hannaford bread, as I am eating hannaford bread -- eerie and perfect...I may be weeping.

I’ve written a basic intro on how to read RSS in 2020, with some recommendations for feed readers.

(I started writing this a few weeks ago, but now might just be a great time to curate the news you want, and filter out the needlessly overwhelming stuff.)


@annika I think it was because a bunch of folks went to the beach in Maine last weekend...karma

I live in Maine. Last week we received guidance to stay at home if possible, and just about everything closed. Last weekend hundreds maybe thousands of people went to the beach (also weird because it wasn’t exactly balmy). Last night it snowed about half a foot...this is karma.

@gabz I know it is a typo, but I love the idea of your singing for a delivery

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