@grainloom revenge for eating its kin-folk for some 20 odd years!

P2P encrypted chat that uses magic wormhole for file sharing...

a sprinting bear can run as fast as a galloping horse. in my honest opinion, we made such a massive mistake in focusing so hard on horses.

in this presentation i will explain how we can change the kentucky derby to be more interesting.

Are there ortholinear keyboards out there worth taking a look at other than the Planck? Also, I type *a lot* of parentheses. How problematic is that on an ortholinear keyboard?

Just learned that the industrial designer Luigi Colani recently died. I once wrote a paper on some of his work when I was in college. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luigi_Co

His stuff now looks a lot like a future that we could have had, had industrial design not gone all in on "minimalism"

- colani.org/luigi_colani_Produc
- colani.org/luigi_colani_Produc
- colani.org/luigi_colani_Produc

@ryanlittlefield the real nightmare came when I finally got through to an "expert" who's response was something along the lines of "sometimes the best way to get these questions answered is to bill it and see what happens."

@ryanlittlefield I spent a terrifying amount of time over the last 2 weeks trying to figure out our HSA, and what we can and cannot apply it towards.

i've been using this little (very lovely) tool for thinking for the past few days and it's amazing.


oh, cool -- it looks like someone has actually already sort of made a prototype of exactly this! github.com/ChrisRx/dungeonfs

I want something like Ranger, but rather than hierarchically navigating the filesystem the filesystem becomes a text-based dungeon, complete with enemies and treasures and locked doors.

@Merristasis I don't have heaps to compare with since I've not eaten meat since I was like 10, but in my experience a vegetarian/vegan diet is typically a bit cheaper than an omnivorous/meat-heavy one.

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