@johannesg I am a big fan of the deft package for emacs. It allows you to write in whatever plaintext format you want, but keeps all the content easily accessible and searchable. I have a couple hundred notes tracked in Deft -- some are markdown, some org, other plain ol' txt files.


It is 32 degrees F at my desk today...I guess it is time to turn on the heat

any of my friends have a discord/slack/irc server dedicated to talking about humane software, utopian computing, etc? I don't really want to run yet another server but I will if I can't find one

Today I learned that the Honda Motocompo was a real thing. It is the most anime vehicle I've ever seen IRL.


This is an amazing statistic:

> When testing a website for WCAG compliance, only 18% of criteria can be tested automatically, 31% auto+manual verification, and 47% manual only. via @KarlGroves #a11y #wcag #testing

> – @WebAxe (michaelspellacy.com/accessibil)

One of my fav books!

Episode 1, Ursula Le Guin - The Left Hand of Darkness


@kensanata @mattj sorry to jump in, wondering if you have seen yunohost.org/ -- it is pretty much exactly this a debian package that is relatively easy to setup, and then handles more or less everything in the background. Includes XMPP and email out of the box, and then comes with heap of other things that can be easily added.

Realizing that it isn't very FOSS of me, but crostini under chromeOS is a very good Linux experience. Crouton is, too.

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