A very large beetle 

Has anyone else experienced an issue on Ubuntu 19.04 where, after about a day, your background goes all pixel-y? I'm thinking it is an issue with my NVIDIA driver.

I hadn't even thought about trying to avoid season 6 spoilers yet, but I think there is an Iconaclast trying to get the jump on me by seeding my walk home with little mechs?

Where is the mail app named after Elizabeth Blackwell, or Marie Curie? And why are mail apps being named after scientists who had very little to do with mail? Author Anthony Trollope was the post master general of England, or Scotland I think...where is Trollope Mail dot App!?

Whereas toy cars are aspirational objects, it is about right that the grocery store nearest to my house has a display filled with mid-2000s Toyota Camrys...with sun roofs.

I drew this terrible boat using GrafX2. Looking for suggestions for applications a bit better suited to creating pixel art. Linux, macOS, or (last resort) iOS. Many thanks.

Lazer Pizza!!

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