Covid-19 and parenting 

I was stranded in England in April 2010 because a volcanic irruption in Iceland. I contributed to a magazine to commemorate the moment -- all proceeds went to a cause.

Anyone want to contribute to a covid-19zine?

covid-19, student debt, news orgs., screenshots from cnn 

Made some new friends this morning. The kid was sad that we didn’t have any toys from the stories we tell each other.

pgAdmin 4...this is the most confusing save icon ever...especially since it is directly next to an icon of a floppy disc!?

Parenting innovation 

While I’m happy that Apple is promoting worries me that the top recommended app to “bike better” is a podcast app!? I know a lot of folks do it, but I’ve always been wary of biking with headphones. I’ve had enough close calls (and just straight up been hit) with cars that hearing seems like an important part of defensive biking.

Today I learned that the Honda Motocompo was a real thing. It is the most anime vehicle I've ever seen IRL.

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