I've been seeing a lot of folks on fedi sharing a link that blames the current pandemic on folks eating meat.

Here's the thing. That is straight up eco-fascist bullshit.

I've been a vegetarian or vegan for the bulk of my life. I'm 100% in the camp of animal rights. But it is garbage to blame this disaster on folks' dietary choices. Sure the virus' origin was traced to a meat market, but source doesn't implicate fault.

If the fault is anywhere it's a failure of government.

Along a similar vein, panic buying and hoarding is a symptom of capitalism’s broken psychology, not irrational behavior.

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@eli_oat I think it is irrational to hoard stuff, and I also think it’s irrational to not see what capitalism or whatever to call it wants you to do.

Most things and actions aren’t rational though

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