Does anyone have experience using a wacom tablet or similar in-place of a mouse on either debian or ubuntu? I need a mouse, and am noodling getting a stylus instead of a trackball.

@joshavanier wicked! Thanks -- are you able to use it as a general input device or do you just use it for drawing/vector work? I would ideally like to use it in place of a mouse.

@eli_oat I mostly just use it for drawing. The touchpad is still more convenient for me; my hands are glued to the home row keys most of the time and it's well within reach using thumbs hehe

@joshavanier word, that makes total sense -- I'm on a desktop, but would elsewise probable be the same. Funnily enough, what broke me of my obsession with living on the keyboard was Acme in Plan9 :P -- I need that sweet, sweet middle-mouse button now.

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