Confession: I've been GMing a game of D&D for a group of first time players for about 2 months now...we've actually just been playing Dungeon World since our second session though, because I think D&D is too number crunchy. Tomorrow night I'm going to see if they're down with playing The Quiet Year.

@eli_oat D&D has always seemed too cumbersome for most groups. It's good that you found something that works though.

@RC yeah, the group is really hesitant to do much, but I think/hope they've been having a good time. They didn't take to the idea of The Quiet Year, so we ended up playing Lasers and Feelings, which went over pretty well.

@RC it is a great game, and we had a lot of fun. It is great for a group of first time players like this. The game essentially has a single mechanic and story generation is wicked fast. I have a tendency to favor systems that can get HEAVY (see Dialect (, but always have such a blast with one offs like lasers and feelings.

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