I drew this terrible boat using GrafX2. Looking for suggestions for applications a bit better suited to creating pixel art. Linux, macOS, or (last resort) iOS. Many thanks.

(GrafX2 is awesome, but I'd love something a bit more limiting...a la realizing I should probs just use Pico-8)

@eli_oat @sadie_bunny can tell you about pico-8

They like doing fun little game projects in it.

@RC @sadie_bunny oooooh! interested is piqued (desperate grasp at a pun). I've toyed with Pico-8, and am absolutely smitten, but haven't made anything more than little doods that wander, yet

@eli_oat I’ve got Pico-8 and have been wanting to learn to use it but learning lua is tough when starting from 0

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