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Hi, I'm Eli --

I live in Maine, where I like to spend time with my family, cook, hike, and read rule-books for table-top rpgs like Follow, and Lady Blackbird.

I enjoy playing with Raspberry Pis, micro controllers, JavaScript, Common LISP, Emacs and a whole heap of other webby-techy things.

I work as a software developer responsible for web development and quality assurance testing. I very much like to write documentation.

Is there a method of scrambling data on an image to obscure faces that’s generally accepted as pretty cryptographically good to use?

I’m working on an iPhone version of what obscurecam does rn, using local machine learning stuff to detect a face and then obscure it before a photo is taken

TFW arresting officers will not slow anything down.
The president was impeached.
Zimmerman has been charged multiple times.

Stop assuming the system will be able to assess itself as the party in fault. (

next week on the pod @packetcat and I want to do a segment cover games and music being made by queer black folks, I’d appreciate it if you are making stuff or know someone who’s making good shit and could send it our way!

> Free, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging

> No javascript, no stylesheets, no trackers. Just your words.

I am a functional programming junky. I love and ... but seems cool


If I was gonna wade into the world of smalltalk where should I start? Does implementation matter, e.g. Squeak v Pharo?

Nobody gives a shit if you know how to code, run servers and administrate systems.

What you do with those skills is what makes people pay attention.

"Dark Lego, show me the forbidden connection techniques":

a leaked PDF of a Lego internal corporate document describing "illegal" connections that must not be used in official kit-building instructions

Much has been written on the analogy between lego connections and programming language syntax; that would make this illegal connection PDF the equivalent of, like, undocumented compiler features or something.

After taking a *long* hiatus from making link logs on my blog, I’m back with a new one! Much abridged, but back.

Pinafore v1.17.0 

The main feature of this release is that the focus ring (i.e. the glowing outline around buttons and links) should be less prominent for mouse users. If you prefer to use the keyboard to navigate, then nothing should change. This follows a new web standard called "focus-visible."

If you prefer the old behavior, you can enable "Always show focus ring" in the settings.

Loading threads when clicking on statuses should also be faster.


Forth is fun.

111 108 108 101 72 emit emit emit emit emit

Folks who use which one has a package manager that you like...or that isn't a monster?

:whispers: maybe sometimes XML is *better* than JSON...

Star Trek stories retold from the perspective of the people on the planets instead of star fleet.

Space: It's not a frontier we've always lived here.

To start, I'm thinking that it would have a couple flavors of scheme, lisp, forth, factor, brainfuck, and maybe a mail system to facilitate discussion :shrug:

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Would anyone be interested in a tilde server focused on a bunch of Esolangs? A place to play with, explore, and talk about weird or esoteric programming languages?

> ... To suit our unique needs, we designed and open-sourced $AN_ENGINEER_TOOK_A_MYTHOLOGY_CLASS, a highly-available, just-in-time compiler for $UNREMARKABLE_LANGUAGE.

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> ... we tried messing with some garbage collector parameters we didn’t really understand, but to our surprise that didn’t magically solve our problems so instead we disabled garbage collection altogether. This increased our memory usage, but our automatic on-demand scaler handled this for us, as the graph below shows ...

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