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Hi, I'm Eli --

I live in Maine, where I like to spend time with my family, cook, hike, and read rule-books for table-top rpgs like Follow, and Lady Blackbird.

I enjoy playing with Raspberry Pis, micro controllers, JavaScript, Common LISP, Emacs and a whole heap of other webby-techy things.

I work as a software developer responsible for web development and quality assurance testing. I very much like to write documentation.

A package manager but for interaction with podcasts

My linux toolkit is like 1/3rd the length of what my mac one used to be, back when I ran macOS full time.

Do you do ? Have you noticed an issue in the latest where the simulator's keyboard process locks up and you can't type anything into it unless you completely shut it down?

My ancient mouse died (RIP). I've been using an even more ancient trackball that I've had kicking around. So far it is accurate text selection is remarkably difficult.

@TheGibson I still remember an item in an RPG about habit-forming. I still wield it to this day.

It's "The random ax of kindness"

I find working in Xcode weirdly zen...because I spend so much time waiting for things to update.

I wonder if normal cucumbers are mad jealous of sea cucumbers?

But *which* scheme?

Stopping git naming the first branch "master":

reducto$ git config --global init.templateDir ~/.config/git/template
reducto$ mkdir -p ~/.config/git/template
reducto$ echo "ref: refs/heads/main" > ~/.config/git/template/HEAD
reducto$ mkdir newRepo
reducto$ cd newRepo/
reducto$ git init
Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/kurt/newRepo/.git/
reducto$ git status
On branch main

No commits yet

nothing to commit (create/copy files and use "git add" to track)


Does anyone have experience using a wacom tablet or similar in-place of a mouse on either debian or ubuntu? I need a mouse, and am noodling getting a stylus instead of a trackball.

"but how will i schedule events without facebook" people cry, correctly reminding us that before 2007, humans did not speak.

okay #coding #ComputerScience #SoftwareEngineering peeps: if I'm graduating in May, when do I need to start applying for full time positions? Also, anyone want to hire a full stack JS/Python/Rust/everything dev in #Chicago or #SanDiego?

"It's easier... to optimize for less.. than to optimize to try and earn more money."

- @neauoire talking about his experiences living and working out of a sailboat for 4 years while traveling the Pacific:

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