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Hi, I'm Eli --

I live in Maine, where I like to spend time with my family, cook, hike, and read rule-books for table-top rpgs like Follow, and Lady Blackbird.

I enjoy playing with Raspberry Pis, micro controllers, JavaScript, Common LISP, Emacs and a whole heap of other webby-techy things.

I work as a software developer responsible for web development and quality assurance testing. I very much like to write documentation.

Where my irc folks? I need some new places to lurk.

who open to a record a pod on what their working on next week


@packetcat & @chosafine talk about unions in games, congressional hearings on abuse of market power in tech, and then turnstyle into Quibi.

Shades Of Brown Episode 115: Gamers Don’t Care About Crunch

Picard spoilers 

:whispers: I think GraphQL is a shockingly bad idea for most use cases.

The gulf in eatability between a fresh French fry and a day old refrigerated French fry is nearly unfathomably vast.

ISO recommendations for repairable over ear headphones. Tbh, they don’t even need to sound that great. I’m looking for anything that won’t irreparably kick the can running in them regularly in the cold. Ideally wired.

I'm looking for a NES emulator that has some cli tools that will let me write to the memory from the command line while it's running.

Any idea?

Linux decision point:

Do I move to Pop_OS, ElementaryOS, Manjaro, or Alpine?

Saddled w/a nvidia GPU, I think that may be the make-or-break element of this choice.

I've worked from home for years and it only *just* occurred to me that I don't have to listen to music/podcasts through headphones...I can use speakers!?

Literally just remembered I have a website for my freelance stuff.

I don't hate it.

Literally just remembered I have a website for my freelance stuff.

I don't hate it.

Typical man pages be like:

sltcl – surrate little total compuloots

sltcl [-abgfewbctlvvqmABDVQWLZØ] [-C file] [-E file] [-h file [-d file]] path …

-a Display all paths
-b A synonym for bltcl(1)
-B A synonym for bltcl(5)

The typical sltcl configuration file. Good luck guessing the format.

Show all paths
$ sltcl -a
Use bltcl
$ sltcl -b

bltcl(1), bltcl(5), info sltcl

Poorly documented feature: if you push to a git repo that doesn't already exist, it's created for you automatically. I haven't used the web UI to create new git repos in... a year?

I have written a program that takes one (or more) OPML files (that is, files that list feeds to other sites, usually blogs) and generates a static HTML file from all that. It's a special kind of feed aggregator usually called a "Planet". It's written in Perl 5.

The reason I wrote it is that I've been using Planet Venus, which does the same thing, only better, but it's written in Python 2 and I was unable to upgrade it myself.



so like why is unbound the DNS server called that? (IMO, I don't think this is officially sourced anywhere)

its a joke based on the popular DNS software it was partially replacing which is named BIND.

BIND -> unbound, get it? Never let it be said that DNS nerds can't have a sense of humour.

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